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Battle for Azeroth - The Return of a Filthy Casual

World of Warcraft - Columns

Rob’s back to revisit Azeroth while she faces her greatest thread. Let’s check in on his journey so far.Posted Aug 21, 2018 by Robert Lashley

The Return of the Moonfire Faire

Final Fantasy XIV - Columns

The Moonfire Faire, FFXIV’s summer celebration, is back for 2018. Head on down to Costa Del Sol for fireworks and festivities as Eorzea’s most-eccentric gillionaire splashes out on an excuse to hand out swimsuits.Posted Aug 21, 2018 by Michael O’Connell-Davidson

HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro: Take Aim

General - Hardware Reviews

For gamers, a good mouse is more than just an accessory: it’s a tool. Your mouse is your gun, your camera, the head of your avatar. Paired with a keyboard, it’s your interface to the world. Today, we’re looking at the Pulsefire FPS Pro from HyperX. It’s the middle-child between the standard Pulsefire FPS and the Pulsefire Surge but does it do enough to stand out? Join us as we find out.Posted Aug 20, 2018 by Christopher Coke

Intel 760p 2TB NVMe M.2 SSD Review

General - Hardware Reviews

In the world of SSDs, often times people are willing to spend a moderate amount of money and receive a small capacity drive because of the promise of speed. Whether it be for a dedicated boot drive or blazing fast load times on files for gaming, SSDs are the go to drive to ensure you aren’t spending your days wallowing in loading screens. But does the Intel 760p 2TB NVMe m.2 SSD justify the steep price? This is our Intel 760 m.2 SSD review.Posted Aug 20, 2018 by Joseph Bradford

How Echtra Plans to Make Their Dream MMO ARPG

Torchlight Frontiers - Interviews

What seems forever ago, we talked with Max Schaefer and Runic Games upon the announcement of Torchlight 1, and how the IP’s ultimate goal was to evolve into an MMO. That had always been the goal with the ill-fated Flagship side-project Mythos, but we all know that Flagship never could get Mythos where it wanted to go. Runic wanted to make Hob, and Max still wanted to make that ARPG MMO he’d been dreaming of for years. Enter, Echtra Games.Posted Aug 20, 2018 by William Murphy

Hands On with the Assassin

Bless - Previews

On August 8th Neowiz delivered on their promise to have the Assassin class in the game, and it's made quite a splash since. While the game is still currently labeled as Early Access, Neowiz was kind enough to give us a fully leveled character so that we could taste a little of what makes the Assassin stand out and why a Bless fan might be interested in giving them the opportunity to become their new Main Character.Posted Aug 20, 2018 by Steven Weber

August 18th, 2018 Weekly Newsletter

General - Newsletters

In Issue 631 of the Newsletter, we look at World of Warcraft and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Aug 18, 2018 by Michael Bitton

Returning to Guild Wars 2 – Class Choice - Continued

Guild Wars 2 - Columns

In my last article on Returning to Guild Wars 2 we spoke about the very first thing returning players need to contend with, and that is their class choice. In this article we will continue down the list of classes, detailing the remaining classes and how they fare for new players as they learn to approach the multitude of changes Arenanet may have imposed over the course of their time away from Tyria.Posted Aug 17, 2018 by Steven Weber

A Newb’s Adventures In World of Warcraft -- Week 1

World of Warcraft - Columns

Not one week ago, I too like Butters proclaimed, “I don’t play World of Warcraft.” Little did I know how much that would change. You see, I’m a complete newb. Yes, this dude right here -- the man writing this article on a website literally called “MMORPG” -- had never played World of Warcraft.Posted Aug 17, 2018 by Poorna Shankar

Cooler Master ML360R AIO: Large and in Charge

General - Hardware Reviews

Are you in the market for an AIO cooler and unsure which direction to turn? Options paralysis got you down? You can’t go wrong with a company like Cooler Master - a name in the cooling game since there was a cooling game to have a name in. In this review we’re taking a look at their brand new and largest ever cooler: The ML360R. Interest piqued? Ready for some delicious RGB and chilly temperatures? Check out review to find out more.Posted Aug 16, 2018 by Robert Baddeley

Marvel Strike Force Devs Charting a Better Path

General - Columns

As we’ve mentioned a few times now, it’s been a bumpy summer for Marvel Strike Force and the community has been on a razor’s edge for weeks now. But it looks like FoxNext is attempting to chart a better course for the game and right the ship, starting with some new efforts to communicate with players and offer some quick responses to community concerns.Posted Aug 16, 2018 by Michael Bitton

Live Trapping

Monster Hunter World - Columns

Red Thomas has been playing Monster Hunter World, and today he explains how to take and complete capture missions. Red also explains why capturing is often better than killing when it comes to armor.Posted Aug 16, 2018 by Red Thomas

The Cycle Continues

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

Wolfhunter is upon us, and I am excited about all that it brings to the game. Two new dungeons are available to run, Moonhunter Keep and March of Sacrifices. As always, these dungeons bring new gear for us to obtain. A new battleground is available to play as well, the past couple of weeks I have been really getting back into PvP and battlegrounds has expedited that addiction.Posted Aug 15, 2018 by Josh Hay

Audeze Mobius Gaming Headset: Innovative and Revolutionary

General - Hardware Reviews

We review a lot of gaming headsets but today we’re sharing something special: the Audeze Mobius. It’s one of the most exciting headsets we’ve come across and nothing short of a game-changer. Audeze is well known for producing high-end headphones for musicians, engineers, and audiophiles, so coming into the gaming space, they knew they had to do something special. Well, they did, and it might just change the headphone industry as we know it.Posted Aug 15, 2018 by Christopher Coke

Phantom Doctrine: The Cold Noir is Hot

General - Columns

As early as 1800Z 06AUG18, Red Thomas asked at least four former intel colleagues to join him in playing Phantom Doctrine by CreativeForge Games. The individuals gathered at REDCAVE and game session is expected to have lasted a minimum of 6 hours. Posted Aug 15, 2018 by Red Thomas

Milestone 5.7 Means the World to Crowfall

Crowfall - Columns

If you follow crowd-funded games, you know there are certain moments where their evolution jumps a few generations. Those moments, generally precipitated by some large announcement or game update, are equal parts anticipation (for us) and anxiety (for developers). They generate hype as they make their way through the MMORPG fanbase bringing stray birds back to the roost. Update 5.7 (conveniently linked just for you) is one of those updates. Posted Aug 15, 2018 by Tim Eisen

Five Takeaways from QuakeCon About PvP

Fallout 76 - Columns

Quakecon had a lot of information for fans. Fallout 76 was on the radar and part of their panel talked a lot about the PvP system. This is an immensely important part of the game because Fallout in all of its glory had never really gone multi-player, let alone host PvP. With the market dominated by competitive games right now, Fallout known for its solo adventures and strong narratives, will finally take the leap. Here are five take-ways from Todd Howard’s comments.Posted Aug 14, 2018 by Garrett Fuller

Battle for Azeroth: More of the Same, But in a Good Way?

World of Warcraft - Columns

Fourteen years young and WoW is back with another expansion. Can Battle for Azeroth repeat the overall success of Legion? By all accounts so far, there’s a lot of what made Legion work present in Blizzard’s latest, and if the early hours of play are any indication, more of the same might not be so bad.Posted Aug 14, 2018 by William Murphy

World of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth at $43.08 on SCDKey - SPONSORED

General - General Articles

The folks at SCDKey have a bunch of sales going on for Battle of Azeroth’s launch, as well as the new hotness that is Monster Hunter: World. Today they’re giving our users additional discounts of 10% on all games, and 3% on all software. Check it out!Posted Aug 14, 2018

QuakeCon 2018 - Murkmire DLC Preview

Elder Scrolls Online - Interviews

we here at are always looking towards the future, and Wolfhunter launched hours ago. It’s in the past now! So, this weekend I attended QuakeCon and spoke with Rich Lambert, Creative Director at Zenimax Online Studios, about the next DLC, Murkmire.Posted Aug 14, 2018 by Hive Leader