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Corsair ST100: More Than Just a Headphone Stand

The ST100 is more than just a headphone stand. That was the first thing I had to wrap my head around when Corsair asked if I would like to take it for a spin. Instead, the ST100 combines its purposes, saving you desk space, and offers the unique ability to open any set of analog headphones you have to full 7.1 surround sound. Is it worth the $59.99 MSRP?

Corsair Void Pro RGB Headset: Corsair Delivers Again

Corsair has quickly become one of the most respected brands in PC gaming. They made their name on memory, but in recent years their peripherals have risen to set multiple high water marks in the world of PC gaming gear. Today, we see if they can do it again with the Corsair Void Pro RGB. Is it worth the $99.99 MSRP?

Sound BlasterX Katana Soundbar: The ‘Must Own’ Under-Monitor Audio System

Creative Labs’ product line is expansive and it’s one we’ve been excited to explore this year. Today, we’re reviewing my hands-down favorite peripheral we’ve tested this year: the Sound BlasterX Katana Under Monitor Audio System. Whether you’re a gamer or just an audio lover, this is the soundbar you need to own.

Respawn RSP-200: A New Heir in a Long Line of Chairs

One of the biggest considerations in the conversation about gaming chairs is price. Is it possible to get a decent quality, racer-style gaming chair on a budget? Respawn would like to think so.

G.Skill Ripjaws KM780R RGB: Satisfy Your Inner Alien

RGB keyboards are a dime a dozen these days, and it can be difficult for manufacturers to set themselves apart. Companies like Corsair and Razer have brand recognition, but when you think G.Skill, you probably think RAM. Today, we’re looking at their premiere keyboard. Check out our review of the G.Skill Ripjaws KM780R RGB to find out more.

Gigabyte GTX 1080 Mini: Great Things Do Come In Small Packages

When Gigabyte announced a smaller profiled GTX 1080 graphics card for smaller Pc builds, I got pretty excited. I love seeing smaller cards like this as they just allow for PC builders and modders to do more with the power available to the platform. But just how much power is Gigabyte able to pack into so small a package?

Exclusive First Look: Razer Unveils Brand New Naga Trinity & Tartarus V2 MMO Peripherals

At Blizzcon today, Razer is unveiling two new versions of their most popular MMO peripherals, the Razer Naga Trinity and the Razer Tartarus V2. The Naga is going modular for the first time ever and the Tartarus is primed with more buttons and programmability than ever before. Read on for the full details!

Dreamscreen TV: Light Up Your World

Bias lighting is something we’ve all seen by now., but what if we had intelligent bias lighting? That’s what the makers of the Dreamscreen kit hope to accomplish. Using RGB LEDs, the Dreamscreen kit will respond to the pixels on your screen at a full 60FPS. But does it live up to its promises of enhancing TV and video games?

Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti Founder's Edition: A 1440p Powerhouse

Who would have thought that over a year after we saw Nvidia release their 10-series GPUs, we would be seeing another one? The GTX 1070 Ti is a slightly less powerful GTX 1080 targeting the 1440p market and is priced competitively at $449. Nvidia was kind enough to send over a Founder’s Edition, and whether you’re shopping for a new card, it might be worth your while.

Cougar Puri TKL: A Minimalist’s Dream Come True

Most “gaming” keyboards come with designs that some marketing team somewhere concluded that crazy alien designs are what all gamers want. While I will admit some of them look cool, I personally feel that the alien theme is tired, overdone, and (hopefully) dying. I was lucky enough to spend some time with the tenkeyless (TKL) Cougar Puri which combines its wonderful mechanical keys with a traditional form factor and plain white backlights.

Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2: Right on Par

From Coders, to eSports, to your desk; tenkeyless (TKL) keyboards save desk space, remove those pesky numpads and look really sweet. The Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 does not disappoint. In fact, it improves on some past issues and gives you more.

V-Moda Crossfade 2 w/BoomPro Mic: The Audiophile's Gaming Headset

We’re coming into the tail end of our Audio Autumn review series, and we’ve saved some of the best for last. Today, we’re looking at the V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless headphones and pairing them with the excellent V-Moda BoomPro mic. It makes an incredible, audiophile-grade headset, but coming in at $330 MSRP, are they worth the cost of entry?

Patriot Viper Gaming Mousepad: It Satisfies Your Inner RGB Fiend

When it comes to RGB mousepads there aren’t a lot of options on the market. In this review I go hands on with this mousepad with two things in mind: how is the RGB and, more importantly, how well does it function as a mousepad?

Roccat Kone AIMO: Fragging at the Speed of Light

Roccat has recently released its next evolution of their widely popular Kone gaming mouse. The Roccat Kone AIMO features many of the same great features plus the added multi zoned lighting with AIMO Intelligent Lighting system, revised ergonomics, Easy-shift technology and of course the remarkably accurate Owl-Eye optical sensor.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Headphones: An Understated All-star

We’re in the latter half of our Audio Autumn review run, and today we’re looking at one of the very best: the Audio-Technica ATH-M50Xs. They’re affordably priced and offer some of the best sound you’re going to find at this price. For gaming, they’re amazing. Read on to find out more.