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Patriot Viper V570 Blackout Edition: This MMO Mouse is a Winner

Patriot Memory released their latest gaming mouse today, the V570 Blackout Edition. It looks slick with its new black finish its RGB illumination is just the kind of trim that gets attention. But will this many-buttoned mouse stand up to the high demands of an MMO player? Read on to find out.

Creative Aurvana Live!2 Headphones Review - Gaming Goes HiFi

PC enthusiasts know, there’s nothing like a dedicated piece of hardware. Most gaming headsets struggle compared to dedicated headphone and microphones; it’s the tradeoff for having a multipurpose device. So what do you do when you want the best of both worlds? Streamers have known the answer for years: you get the best of both worlds. Today, we’re we’re searching for the streaming mic’s perfect partner. Will Creative Lab’s Aurvana Live!2 headphones stack up?

Crucial BX300 480GB Review - An Affordable Upgrade to Your Older SSD

Crucial is known for their competitive, and often cheaper, SSD solutions. Always seemingly a step behind Samsung, Crucial still remains a reliable, affordable alternative. 2015’s BX200 was recently replaced by the new BX300, and with a hefty performance upgrade. Read on for our review.

Blue Spark SL: Electrifying

Blue Microphones rose to fame in the game streaming world with the Blue Yeti. This month, they released their latest microphone, this time putting professional streamers in their sights. The Blue Spark SL is an XLR condenser microphone with exceptional sound and more than a little uniqueness for its diminutive size. Read on to see exactly what makes it so special.

Cooler Master Master Pulse Pro 7.1 Surround Sound Headset

Audio Autumn at MMORPG is well under way, and today, we’re looking at Cooler Master’s premiere surround sound gaming headset, the CM MasterPulse Pro with BassFX. The headset is features three equalization profiles built right into in-line remote and a unique microphone design, built right into one of the ear housings. But does the sound quality stand up to the $84.99 MSRP? Read on to find out.

Roccat Khan Pro Hi-Res Gaming Headset: Audio Fans Rejoice

Roccat is well known in the peripheral world for making high quality devices that think outside the box. This time, they’re bringing high resolution audio to the masses with their affordable Khan Pro gaming headset. That “High Res” distinction is something audiophiles know well. Coming in at only $99, can the Khan Pro deliver on its lofty promises?

Vertagear Triigger 350 – Beyond a Gaming Chair

Over the last several months, we’ve been looking at a series of gaming chairs to help you make the best call. Today, we’re examining the Triiger 350 from Vertagear. It’s not a racing chair but it’s stylish, unique, and absolutely the kind of premium ergonomic chair you should be considering.

Cooler Master MasterPulse MH320 – On a Budget?

Over the last month, Cooler Master has released its line of budget-conscious peripherals for new PC gamers and those who want quality without breaking the bank. In August, we looked at the MS120 keyboard and mouse set and were impressed. Today, we’re looking at the MH320 headset. Will it also deliver?

Cougar Megara IEM Gaming Headset: Punching Above Its Class

Chris has been using Cougar’s unique in-ear monitor gaming headset, the Megara. He’s waited to write this review until now to get a good feel for their long-term comfort, durability, and how they compare in the market. Retailing for just over $30, are they worth your time? Read on to find out.

Cougar Panzer S Review: Form & Function Combine

Cougar is not quite as well known as the heaviest hitters out there, but that may not be the case for long. Cougar is making a name for themselves by offering high quality components and peripherals for lower prices than the competition. The same is true today as we turn our attention to the Cougar Panzer S dual sided tempered glass case. For a mere $99, this easy to build in case is one of the best values in PC building today.

Vertagear SL5000 Racing Chair: More Than Your Average Chair

When you think of putting together a new gaming system, usually one of the last things on your mind is a chair. For most of us, we head down to the local Ikea and get something affordable. Our own BrandedWolf had the opportunity to spend some time with the Vertagear SL5000 racing chair. Could one chair change his mind?

Game Gear: It's Audio Autumn in Hardware Reviews!

Welcome back to Game Gear! This month, we’re going a little off the page and giving you a peek behind the curtain into our hardware coverage, what we’ve been up to, and our plans for the coming month. It’s Audio Autumn, so let’s find out exactly what that means for our hardware content.

Viotek GN32Q Curved Display: 1440p, 144Hz, Simply Fantastic

When we built our Ryzen system a couple of weeks ago, we knew we had to find a display that would “make” the system. We settled on the Viotek GN32Q. It’s an amazing monitor for the price and absolutely one you should be looking at. Click through to find out why.

Razer Seiren Elite - The Premium Streaming Mic

Over the last month, we’ve focused in on the premium streaming mic scene, first with the Blue Yeti Blackout and earlier this week, the Audio Technica AT2020USB+. Today we’re turning our gaze back to the realm of Razer with the Razer Seiren. Let’s not bury the lede: this is a fantastic microphone and absolutely worth every dollar of its price. Read on to find out why.

Cooler Master MM520/530 Gaming Mice: You Asked, They Delivered

This month, Cooler Master is rounding out their mouse lineup with two high precision models for claw and palm grip users alike. They offer zero mouse acceleration, high precision, and lots of customization. But is it all sunshine and RGB? Read on for our review of the MasterMouse 520 and 530.