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Q&A With Marco Behrmann

Our own Richard Duffek had a chance to quiz the man behind Project Entropia about the game's progress and his take on many hot button issues in the industry.

Webzen E3 Games Preview

Webzen E3 Line-Up

Today we conclude our E3 coverage with a look at some of what Webzen had to offer. With Huxley, SUN and All Points Bulletin on display - this was one of the places to visit at E3 2005. Could Webzen be the next NCSoft?

E3 Preview

Tactica Online may well be the thinking man's online strategy RPG. With a slow, measured game play experience that emphasizes player wits instead of reflexes or character skill, it looks to be a lot of fun!

Desert of Flames E3 Preview

The first expansion to EverQuest II was on display at E3 2005. It already won our "Best Expansion" awards - so what is it all about?