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New World Team Talks Season 5 PTR, Feedback, Updated Scripting, and Things to Look Forward To

The New World team has a new Balance of Power episode out, and they discuss the Season 5, Season of the Guardian, PTR, changes on the way, and feedback from the community.

Vindictus Adds a Vampiric New Season and Raid, In 'Dead of Night'

Vindictus is now focused entirely on PvE content and Nexon is continuing to roll out new content for the game, with the arrival of the vampiric Season 4 Episode 8, "Dead of Night".

Skull and Bones Begins Season 1, 'Raging Tides' and Reveals Season Pass and Shop Details

Skull and Bones kicked off its first Season, "Raging Tides" yesterday, With a number of quality of life improvements, and brand new content. The Ubisoft Singapore team has also shared a new devblog about the season pass and monetization.

Get a Closer Look at Rise of the Ronin's Combat in New 'Combat Vignette' Trailer

A new trailer released for Rise of the Ronin gives us a focused look at the game's combat systems and features.

NetEase Opens New Studio, Bullet Farm, Led By Call of Duty Vet David Vonderhaar and Working on New IP

NetEase is once again expanding, with a new Los Angeles-based studio, BulletFarm. The remote-first AAA studio is led by David Vonderhaar, who is most known for his work on the Call of Duty franchise. 

Guild Wars 2: The Realm of Dreams is Out for the Secrets of the Obscure Expansion

Guild Wars 2 has released its second major update for the Secrets of the Obscure expansion, The Realm of Dreams. With it come new weapon proficiencies for all professions, new legendary relic, a new zone, and the continuation of the fight against the Kryptis threat to Tyria.

Star Citizen Devs Confirm Some Layoffs As Part Of A 'Restructuring,' Relocation Appears To Be A Factor

Yesterday we reported on the rumors that Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games had laid off key members of the team, in part due to relocation efforts. A rep from the studio confirmed the reports, stating that it was part of "restructuring."

The First Dune: Awakening Direct Will Premiere the Survival MMO's Trailer and New Featurette Next Week

Funcom launches a Dune: Awakening Direct series starting next week, featuring the survival MMO's first trailer and a new featurette on adapting Dune to film and a survival MMO.

How Does Power Creep Affect MMO Games?

What do you think is the worst example of power creep in an MMO?

World of Warcraft Offers a Peek at New Hero Talent Trees Coming in The War Within

World of Warcraft's The War Within expansion won't be out until much later this year, but the team is giving early peeks at features in development, and this time, they're previewing new Hero Talents.

Black Desert Franchise Anniversary Celebrations are Here, Scholar Arrives on Console and Mobile Next Week

It's celebration time across the Black Desert franchise, as Pearl Abyss announces events, new milestones, and the Scholar class coming to console and mobile next week.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance Pre-Orders Now Live, 'Extended Cut' Trailer Released

Pre-orders are now live for Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance, the definitive edition of SMT V. Check out the extended cut of the announcement trailer.

Pokemon Legends: Z-A Announced with a 2025 Release Date

The Pokémon Company has announced a new game in the Legends open-world ARPG series of Pokémon games.

The Siege of Neverwinter Returns This Week, With Rewards for Taking on the Cult of the Dragon

The Siege of Neverwinter is back this week, with the Cult of the Dragon gathering their forces and attempting to take the city of Neverwinter down. 

UPDATED - Reddit Uncovers Multiple Star Citizen Dev Layoffs, Seemingly As A Result of Relocation Efforts By CIG

There is something afoot at Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games as multiple developers have seemingly been laid off since January, possibly due to relocation efforts.