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The Evolution of a Patch Note

How patch notes come into being, or at least how they should. Sanya looks behind the curtain at them in this week's edition of the MMO Underbelly.

Subscription Fee Creativity

Dana looks at how companies can get creative with subscription fees to help them become a more viable long term way of paying for MMOs.

LFM Ulduar 25, PST Stats and Achievement

In his most recent column, MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller looks at the achievement system in Blizzard's World of Warcraft and talks about how its current use might be affecting the social aspects of the game.

My Top Ten Games with Potential

MMORPG.com Managing Editor Jon Wood returns this week with a new list, this time counting down the top ten games that he feels have the potential to be something great.

Some Wishful Thoughts on Better Disclosure

In this most recent column, Richard Aioshi tackles the questions of developers insist on providing players with virtually meaningless player number statistics rather than giving them something useful.


What breaks immersion? Sanya lets off a little steam in this week's column.

A Non-Violent Mystery MMO

The mystery game market has dried up. Dana looks at how MMOs could save the non-violent game market.

Do You PvP?

Garrett looks at PvP, what kinds are out there and why people do it in this week's column.

10 Things To Look For At ComicCon

ComicCon kicks off tomorrow, and the show has a pretty big video game contingent. Pinch hitting for Jon, Garrett Fuller runs down 10 things MMO fans should keep an eye on this week.

Why Publishers Import Older MMOs

Many "new" free to play MMOs that arrive in North America have been out over seas for years. Aihoshi looks at why this happens in this week's column.

User Feedback

Developers and users. What feedback is used and how?

Regional Segregation

Lots of games force people to play based on where they live. Why is this and what can be done to eliminate it?

The Price of Power

It's a tight rope for developers. How do you make players feel strong early, without giving them too much, too soon?

Five Proofs of MMO Evolution

MMOs evolve, whether people realize it or not. Jon Wood runs down five ways that MMOs are changing, offering proof that they have not stagnated.

It's Different Across the Pond

Looks at Eastern and Western markets and how they too have internal differences.