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AGDC: A Study in Opportunity

Garrett Fuller returns with his column this week revolving around opportunities for careers within the gaming industry both from the inside and out.

Five Possible MMO Movies

In this week's list, Jon Wood looks at the idea that a successful Warcraft movie could set off a rash of MMO-based films and gives his ideas on five that could be likely candidates.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind III: ChinaJoy

Richard Aioshi's Free Zone returns this week as the MMORPG.com columnist discusses important F2P game shows and laments the lack of Western media coverage.

“The Customer” Is Not Always Right

In this week's column, Sanya Weathers addresses issues raised in a colleague's column earlier in the week, stating that both "the customer" and "the developer" are misnomers.

The Elusive MMORTS

Like the Yetti and the Loch Ness Monster, a great MMORTS is hard to find. This week, Dana returns to look at an approach that might actually finally bring one into the mainstream.

The Customer Is Always Right

Developers need to listen more closely to their players, says Fuller in this week's column. He looks at how the process works and what can be done to improve it.

Five Most Interesting MMOs of 2009

So far this year, 27 games have launched. Jon runs down the list of the five that - for good or bad - caught his eye so to date.

Anatomy of a Live Event

Behind the scenes look at live events, what really goes on and how they're put together.

Sequels and Cataclysms

Sometimes games come back, sometimes they're reborn, sometimes they're reworked. Garrett looks at this phenomenon in this edition of his weekly column.

Five Memorable MMO Lawsuits

Corporations have always been litigious, but this week Jon Wood runs down five (sometimes silly) lawsuits from MMO companies.

Importing The Korean Portal

Korean games tend to be organized into portals, where multiple games are available under one banner. North American games are not. This week, Richard Aihoshi examines how this trend has been translated West.

Social Media and MMOs

How MMOs do and should use social media to keep people up to date about the game and attract new people.

Putting An MMO Out Of Its Misery

In this week's column, Garrett Fuller discusses the life and easy death of MMOs in the current marketplace.

Five Infuriating MMOs

MMO players and The Hulk have one thing in common... you wouldn't like them when they're angry. Over the history of the genre, there have been a few games that have nearly resulted in players forming posses with torches and pitchforks. In this week's column, Jon Wood takes a look at five such titles.

Expanding F2P To Other Platforms

Richard looks beyond PC games at other ways the free-to-play business model has worked its way into our gaming lives.