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At The Back Of The Line

MMORPG.com Columnist Jamie Skelton takes a look at the concept of "premium customer service" for players who pay to play a game and discusses the sometimes second tier treatment that "free" players can experience when they are met with an in-game problem.

A Vampire MMO

Vampires are the one genre that seems to draw as many women as men. Might it be the secret to getting more women into an MMO?

Instancing Problems In WoW

This week, Garrett looks at the idea of scaling raid instances in World of Warcraft and how it would help his experience.

Top 5 MMOs That Need Remakes

At 12 years of age, the MMO genre can now safely dive into the vaults and start remaking the games that got us all hooked. This week, we count down the five games we think are sorely in need of a re-imagining.

EA and Free to Play?

The biggest game company on the planet has been flirting with the free to play model. Aihoshi explores.

The Stale Comparison

If I can do it in WoW, why can't I do it here? It's a stale comparison and this week Jaime explores why.

Let Games Grow

Would you support an MMO that started small, but strongly and then grew over time? With a few attitude adjustments from fans, media and developers, maybe this could be possible.

The Rise of the Indy MMO

In this week's edition of Garrett Fuller's Wednesday column, he takes a look at what he calls "The Rise of the Indy MMO" and four games that exemplify it: Wizard 101, Fallen Earth, Global Agenda and Alganon.

Five MMO Sequels

This week, MMORPG.com's Jon Wood uses the list to count down five MMO sequels, a rare breed for the genre.

FreeStyle and GSTAR

A big game show and a new sports MMORPG. Richard covers two topics at once this week.

Everyone's A Critic

In her debut column, Jaime looks at what players can do to help get their opinions heard by the developers of the games they love.

Stop The Hype Train

MMOs announce too early and it's become a problem. In this week's column, Dana Massey looks at the harm that comes from this and makes an argument that MMOs should only be announced about a year before launch.

A Hunting We Will Go

PvP has been missing something lately and Garrett thinks he knows what it is. The thrill of the hunt.

The Young Female Audience

A slew of games have been announced that are after a demographic not normally associated with MMOs. Aihoshi explores.

MMO Underbelly: The Takeaway

MMORPG.com columnist Sanya Weathers wraps up her tenure here at MMORPG.com with this column reflecting on the ideas that she would like to leaves us with.