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A Superhero's Discontent

MMORPG.com Columnist Jamie Skelton writes this look at some of the discontent that has been flowing around the Champions Online forums surrounding the game.

Your Sex: Prove It or Lose It!

This week, MMORPG.com's Jon Wood takes a shot at a recent decision by a Chinese MMO company to ban all male players who choose to play female avatars.

Taking a Break and A Triumphant Return

MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller uses his column this week to talk about MMO burn-out and what companies could be doing to welcome players back after a break.

Inside the Nerf

In this week's column, MMORPG.com's Victor Wachter takes a look at the thought process and fallout that occurs when developers pull out the old nerf bat.

A Truly Annoying CS Sin

Richard Aioshi sets his sights this week on the customer service department and talks about failures that are easy and necessary to fix.

It's Lonely At The Bottom

MMORPG.com player columnist Jamie Skelton writes this new article on the population vacuum that often exists in the lower levels of an MMO as more and more of a game's population settle at the end-game content. She also touches on what can be done to make going through those early levels a better experience or all involved.

Jon Wood Rants on Press Releases

MMORPG.com's Jon Wood returns with a column this week. This time around, he's on the warpath about MMO press releases and some of the poor wording that can often go into them.

How Do You Pick Your MMO?

In this week's column, Garrett Fuller asks readers what criteria they use when choosing their next MMO and details his own personal philosophies in that area.

Five IPs to Bring in a New Demographic

In this week's list, Jon Wood looks at five IPs that, by taking the focus off of combat systems, might bring a new demographic of users to the genre.

Going Shardless

MMORPG.com's newest columnist Victor Wachter pens his first column on the shardless server that has been implemented by Cryptic Studios with the launch of their new superhero MMO, Champions Online

What Makes Games Hardcore or Casual?

Richard Aioshi returns with his column this week, this time tackling the subject of hardcore vs. casual in the free to play market.

Seeing Red?

MMORPG.com Player Columnist Jamie Skelton writes this week on the subject of PKers, anti-PKers and carebears, three groups that started their existence in Pre-Trammel Ultima Online and continue today in games like Mortal Online.

Over-Marketing and The Beta Effect

MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller uses his column this week to take a look at the over-marketing of MMORPGs and the problems that it can cause, including what Fuller describes as "The Beta Effect".

Top 10 MMOs Since WoW

World of Warcraft changed the MMO landscape on November 23rd, 2004, but 174 MMOs have come out since that fateful day. We rank them.

Mixed Revenue Models

Richard Aihoshi returns this week with a column that looks at exploring mixed revenue models for our favorite MMOs.