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Community Managers: Where We Came From

MMORPG.com columnist Victor Wachter, no stranger to the world of Community Management, writes this look at the job, its history and what it takes to succeed.

How Useful Are Betas?

MMORPG.com Free Zone columnist Richard Aihoshi tackles the idea of beta testing and asks whether or not the development phase is as useful as has always been implied.

Industry Layoffs and How They Affect Players

MMORPG.com columnist Jaime Skelton addresses the number of layoffs that we have seen in and around the MMO industry recently and talks about how this kind of news can affect players.

Sellin' Betas and Pimpin' Box Sales

MMORPG.com's Jon Wood returns to his column today to talk about two questionable marketing techniques that he feels stand out as mistakes in the current MMO landscape.

The Truth Behind Bugs

MMORPG.com columnist Scott Jennings focuses his column this week on the actual process behind bug in MMORPGs, having experience with the issue both as a player and as a developer.

Top 5 Things Coming In WoW Patch 3.3

We look at the top five things players should be drooling about in Patch 3.3 to Blizzard's World of Warcraft.

No Programming Required

MMORPG.com Columnist Victor Wachter writes this look at non-programming jobs in video game development and discusses the various barriers to entry and qualifications necessary.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Variety or the lack thereof is the topic of this week's column from Richard Aihoshi.

Every Man's Greed

Jaime Skelton returns this week with a look at loot systems in MMOs and their effectiveness amongst players.

New WoW Pets and the Boy Who Cried Wolf

MMORPG.com's Jon Wood uses his column this week to look at the recent announcement that Blizzard will be offering in-game pets for real life money and the fan reaction, or over-reaction to the news.

MMO Interview Survival Guide

MMORPG.com's newest columnist Scott Jennings kicks off his new series by giving potential video game designers tips on passing through the interview process.

Five Under the Radar MMOs

MMORPG.com's Jon Wood takes over this list this week, taking a look at five MMOs that have, for whatever reasons, fallen off the radar of both journalists and the playing public.

Managing Your Entry Level Game Career

MMORPG.com Columnist Victor Wachter writes this look at how to break in to the video game industry, from moving to a game job rich environment to moving your way up the professional ladder.

A Developer's Shift to F2P

MMORPG.com Columnist Richard Aihoshi discusses the transition for one developer in particular in moving from a career working on subscription based MMOs and into the F2P sector of the industry.

Five Scariest MMO Launches

In honor of Halloween this weekend, we count down five of the scariest MMO launches in history.