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Love Gone Sour: MMO Relationships

MMORPG.com columnist Jaime Skelton writes this week about relationships born in MMORPGs and how they can be disruptive not only to the couple involved, but to the people around them as well.

Rebooting or Re-Imagining the Genre

MMORPG.com's Jon Wood uses his column this week to talk about the idea of completely re-imagining the way that MMORPGs are constructed.

Expounding on Expansions

MMORPG.com columnist Scott Jennings writes this look at expansion packs in the world of MMORPGs and how they can often be less of a blessing that one might first think.

Five Non-Traditional Fantasy Elves

MMORPG.com contributor Shannon Drake writes this week's list, providing some examples of non-traditional versions of everyone's favorite Fantasy humanoid race, the elves that could be used in future MMOs.

Licensed MMOs

It's tempting to play with someone else's intellectual property. This week, Victor Wachter examines this trend in MMOs.

Why Aren't MMOGs More Fun?

A simple yet important question is explored in the latest edition of Richard Aihoshi's weekly MMORPG.com column.

Space, The Final Farce Here?

The lead up to Star Trek Online's Beta has been rife with controversy. This week, Jaime Skelton dives into exactly what happened.

Morality, Controversy and Video Games

Scott Jennings takes a lesson from Modern Warfare 2 and looks at how MMOs handle (or don't handle as the case may be) controversy.

Five Ways to Know You're Just Not That Into It

MMORPG.com's Jon Wood uses this week's list to explore five ways that a player can tell whether or not they're really "into" their current MMO, encouraging players who just aren't that into it anymore to find greener pastures elsewhere.

The Failed Game

MMORPG.com columnist Victor Wachter writes this look at failed games in our industry, why it happens and whether or not games can return from the brink of disaster.

How Helpful Are MMOG Previews?

MMORPG.com columnist Richard Aihoshi writes this article asking how useful MMORPG previews really are when it comes to specific player tastes.

Have You Hugged Your Internet Lately?

MMORPG.com's Jaime Skelton uses a brief stint without her internet service to take a look this week at internet service providers and a possible crackdown that could be coming on bandwidth that could affect MMO gamers.

Bridges, Cash for Players and CoDO

This week, MMORPG.com's Jon Wood uses his column to comment on three news stories this week. First, Cryptic's addition of bridges to Star Trek Online, then on to a possible Call of Duty MMO and Aventurine's Community Publishing Program.

Ten MMOs and Their Place In History

MMORPG.com's Jon Wood returns this week with another list, this time taking a look at ten games that have, for better or worse, solidified a place in MMORPG history.

Real Money, Real Problems

MMORPG.com Columnist Scott Jennings returns this week to talk about the gold farming problem in MMORPGs and addresses three of the most common myths about gold farming and how MMO companies react to them.