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Fallout 76 Skyline Valley's Impressive Ozone Storm Sets The Tone For One Of Its Most Interesting Additions Yet

During an event in London at the end of May, we had the chance to go hands on with Fallout 76's Skyline Valley update, as well as chat with the developers about the new content.

Dragon Age: The Veilguard Will Let You Import Previous Dragon Age Choices, Recreate Your Inquisitor

For those not wanting to start completely fresh in Dragon Age: The Veilguard, the developers have announced that we will be able to import previous decisions made in the title's predecessors.

Revamped Wayfinder Echoes Has Launched on Steam With New Content

Wayfinder is back on Steam with its big, game-changing Echoes update, which adds new content and turns the game into a pay once title, playable solo or via co-op.

Lost Ark Offering Some Free Summer Gifts and an Update on Progression Plans

Progression changes are coming to Lost Ark. While Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games are working out details for their arrival in the Western version, they are sharing some news and a big summer gift bundle for all.

Valheim Now Available On Mac Via Steam Or The Mac App Store

Mac users can finally play Valheim, as the Viking survival game now available on Steam and the Mac App Store. 

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Review in Progress

Destiny 2: The Final Shape is shaping up to be a must-play expansion for any Destiny fan. It's worth jumping back into - even if you've lapsed in playing the most recent updates.

Diablo Immortal Adds Rune System, New Inferno Difficulties, Four Helliquary Bosses, and Challenge Modes

Diablo Immortal continues rolling out the Age of Unmaking and the latest update, "The Writhing Abyss", adds four new Helliquary bosses, new modes, an expanded Rune system, and more.

Epomaker Tide75 Review

Epomaker is out with its first budget prebuilt custom keyboard, the Tide75. It's a full aluminum, enthusiast-inspired slate with tri-mode wireless connectivity, but you'll need to replace the keycaps to make the most of it.

BitCraft's Empires System Will Introduce Competition for the Ambitious and a New Way of Cosmetic Monetization

In BitCraft, you can work with others or you can work to dominate them. The team dives into the game's empire system, which offers the strategic and ambitious a chance to control their own land and lead peoples.

Dark and Darker Mobile is Getting a Global Beta Test in August

Dark and Darker Mobile, Krafton and Bluehole's extraction ARPG based on Ironmace's PC game, is getting a global beta test in August. The new test follows the first beta in Korea back in April, which got a lot of positive feedback and strong interest. 

V Rising is Out on PlayStation 5 Today

V Rising  is out today on PlayStation 5, giving Stunlock Studios' hit vampire survival sandbox its first console release. 

SGF 2024: Stop Worrying, Dragon Age: The Veilguard Is Just Fine, Folks

We finally got a look at the gameplay for the BioWare's upcoming entry in the long-running Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: The Veilguard. And Jason's here to assuage some fears: it's fine, folks.

EVE Online Equinox Launches: Talking Nullsec Changes, MJFGs on Carriers And EVE Vanguard

EVE Online's next expansion, Equinox is now live, bringing new changes to nullsec in the form of new structures, resources, and more. But it's also bringing some new features for everyone, most notably its SKINR tool for ships.

Score A Free Flashy New Emote in The Elder Scrolls Online

As a part of the ongoing 10-year celebration of The Elder Scrolls Online, we can now snag a new emote to show off to our friends thanks to their partnership with Alienware. 

Help a Girl Find Her Brother in a Mysterious City in Stealth Action-Adventure Title Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream

Developers at River End Games and publisher Nordcurrent Labs have announced their upcoming stealth action-adventure title Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream is coming in 2025.