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Review in Progress - Burning Rubber to Stores Near You

The Crew 2 - Columns

The Crew 2 is coming out of the gates with its engines going full blast. Weather it's with tires squealing as you drift through turns or the roar of your boat as you gun it down waterways or the sound of your propeller as you turn and do barrel rolls through the sky in your plane, the game seeks to deliver a fun and unique gaming experience to you the player. But is it delivering on everything it promises? We'll dig a little deeper on a few areas in this review in progress of The Crew 2.Posted Jun 29, 2018 by David Holmes

Razer Huntsman Elite: Introducing Razer's New Flagship Keyboard

General - Hardware Reviews

When it comes to PC gaming accessories, there’s no one more well-known than Razer. Today marks the launch of their brand-new flagship gaming keyboard, the Razer Huntsman Elite. It features their brand new Opto-Mechanical switches, a multi-function dial, and some of the best lighting ever seen in a keyboard, but is it worth the premium price of $199? Find out in our official review.Posted Jun 28, 2018 by Christopher Coke

Ant-Man and the Wasp Take Over Marvel Strike Force

General - Columns

Another new movie, another new tie-in. I know that sounds like I’m unexcited, but I’m pretty much always excited for new MSF content. Truth be told, I don’t particularly care about Ant-Man or the Wasp as characters (though the Ant-Man movie was enjoyable and I look forward to the sequel), but their kits sound absolutely terrifying so I’ll be collecting both for sure.Posted Jun 28, 2018 by Michael Bitton

Trion Worlds: Major Strategy Shift

General - Columns

Trion Worlds recently purchased Gazillion Entertainment and are now taking major steps that could offer a viable path to market for indie projects. Red Thomas weighs in on the business move and what it might mean for the industry moving forward.Posted Jun 28, 2018 by Red Thomas

The Post E3 Era – Fallout 76 and Online Games

General - Columns

The MMO has come a long way. There have been many iterations over the years and there is no denying the huge influence our genre has had on the industry as a whole. In the early days of trying to build out games like Star Wars Galaxies and City of Heroes we laid the groundwork for the idea that every game will eventually be an MMO. These talks were given as far back as 2006 or 2007. Now here we are in 2018 and E3 showed us that all games will be MMOs... in some way or another. Posted Jun 27, 2018 by Garrett Fuller

MINGER DreamColor RGB Light Strips: An Affordable Way to Make Your Desk Look Great

General - Hardware Reviews

For many PC gamers, making their rig and desk look good is half the fun of the hobby. In an age when individual case fans can cost more than $30 a piece, what’s a gamer on a budget to do? Today, we’re looking at a pair of affordable DreamColor RGB light strips from MINGER that are ready to spice up your setup. With so many options, though, are they better than the competition?Posted Jun 27, 2018 by Christopher Coke

The Xth Time’s the Charm

Warframe - Review

I recently started playing Warframe... again. For about the 10th time maybe? For whatever reason, it’s been one of those games I really want to enjoy - I love the very idea of it - but it’s never stuck with me. That’s finally changed, and I’m not entirely sure why. But what I do know is that I’m finally understanding why 24 million-plus people have found themselves enjoying Digital Extremes MMO-like Action RPG-shooter hybrid. Posted Jun 27, 2018 by William Murphy

BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 ESports Monitor: Press the Advantage

General - Hardware Reviews

If you want to play like the best, you have to press every advantage you can. Skills are important but even the best player will find themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard if their gear isn’t up to snuff. Today, we’re looking at a monitor custom-made for e-Sports with the BenQ ZO?WIE XL2546 e-Sports Monitor. Its purpose is in the name but does it deliver? Click through for our full review.Posted Jun 26, 2018 by Christopher Coke

Long Live the Lich!

Guild Wars 2 - Previews

The last Living World episode was a fantastic diversion from the crushing doom that Kralkatorric presents. While the Crystal Dragon continues to loom ominously on the horizon and the branded still scramble around the outskirts of the known world, Living World has turned our attention on a much more imminent threat. Now, episode 3 of the latest Living World season brings the rise of Palawa Joko and an epic climax.Posted Jun 26, 2018 by Ed Orr

Open Beta Impressions - Improved but How Much?

Defiance 2050 - Previews

My foray into the final PC beta for Defiance 2050 didn’t have an auspicious beginning. The MMO shooter’s opening tutorial was busted in such a way that one simply could not progress the past that first instance with Cass. But eventually, Trion disabled the tutorial while they fixed it, and then things got better. These are our impressions of the Open Beta on PC for Defiance 2050.Posted Jun 26, 2018 by William Murphy

Things to Do for Yourself Before Battle for Azeroth

World of Warcraft - Columns

With the pre-event for the next World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth hitting live servers by mid-July, now is a good time to get some things squared away for your account to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running. We’ve come up with a list of some things you can do right now to make sure you’re ship shape ahead of the August 14th release of Battle for Azeroth.Posted Jun 26, 2018 by Suzie Ford

Making Old New Again: Wizard101 Test Realm Coming Soon

Wizard101 - Columns

Wizard101 is getting a 2018 makeover just in time for its 10th anniversary. While Renee Wooften puts the finishing touches on the revamped areas of the spiral, players remain eager to see the final result. Luckily, KingsIsle has supplied with two exclusive teasers for the upcoming summer update. Posted Jun 25, 2018 by Vanessa Mythdust

Returning to Eureka

Final Fantasy XIV - Columns

A few months ago, I wrote about The Forbidden Land of Eureka, a new endgame area in Final Fantasy XIV. The colourfully named zone hosts an untamed wilderness, full of enemies far stronger than anything you might find on mainland Eorzea that’s modelled after an older generation of MMORPGS — there’s ridiculously strong mobs, rare spawns, and even EXP loss on death, and high-level gear for those who’re able to overcome its challenges. Posted Jun 25, 2018 by Michael O’Connell-Davidson

Open Beta Impressions - Has It Improved on the Original?

The Crew 2 - Previews

The Crew 2 hit open beta this weekend for a limited time so that everyone could get a taste to see if Ubisoft has improved on the original formula that was The Crew. More cars, more bikes, more boats, planes & hovercrafts oh my. There is a lot in the new game, but only some of it was available during the open beta. Let's take a look at how the game is so far.Posted Jun 25, 2018 by David Holmes

Exclusive Interview - Fractured Heads to KickStarter & Why You Should Care

Fractured - Interviews

With Dynamight Studios revving up its Fractured KickStarter as of today, we had the chance to chat with Jacopo Pietra Gallelli, the CEO of the studio. He's got a lot to say about the game and why it matters in today's game space. Posted Jun 25, 2018 by Suzie Ford

June 23rd, 2018 Weekly Newsletter

General - Newsletters

In Issue 623 of the Newsletter, we look at Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Jun 23, 2018 by Michael Bitton

The Calm After the Storm

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

With Summerset being released and everyone enjoying the new content, we have news of more content coming down the road with the newest DLCs announced. Wolfhunter and Murkmire. As much as I like the design of Wolfhunter, I am more excited for Murkmire because of the story content. There hasn’t been an official date announced for these two packs but I am sure we will hear about them more as time goes by, so let’s focus on what we have now: Summerset Isles. Posted Jun 22, 2018 by Josh Hay

The Sacrifice and the Future

Warframe - Columns

It’s been over a week since the highly anticipated quest, Sacrifice came out for Warframe. Since the release of Warframe in China in 2015, fans have been waiting for the mysterious Umbra story to come to the west. For almost three years fans of Warframe have been waiting impatiently to get their hands on Excalibur Umbra and least year at TennoCon Digital Extremes announce Umbra would be coming with a price. What are you willing to sacrifice?Posted Jun 22, 2018 by Aaron Couture

The Simple Glowing Beauty of an Origin PC - SPONSORED

General - Hardware Reviews

When Origin PC agreed to build me a custom themed tower, I about had a heart attack. I’ve been playing with Origin PCs at conventions since what seems forever. My old self-built tower was definitely getting long in the tooth, and I’d been looking for what my next step would be. The planets aligned, and here I am showing off this brand new AMD Ryzen 7 2700 powered beast. Posted Jun 22, 2018 by William Murphy

Layoffs Hit Portalarium

Shroud of the Avatar - Columns

Shroud of the Avatar developer Portalarium laid off employees this week. Red Thomas happened to be in Austin anyway, so he stopped by to talk to Richard Garriott and Starr Long to get details. Posted Jun 22, 2018 by Red Thomas