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Alpha Trailer

The Missing Ink is introduced to players through this 'alpha trailer'.

The Male Fighter

The Male Fighter will be released in mid-December for all Dungeon Fighter Online players to enjoy. He's a tough close-combat brawler specializing in the use of his feet. Check it out!

Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning: Skill at Arms

The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning team has released a new video from the "Hero's Guide to Amalur" series. Called "Skill at Arms", the video gives viewers an inside look at the unique ways that players will take on the monsters of Amalur. Players will be able to combine armor, magic, stealth, ranges and melee attack strategies to best take advantage of the weaknesses of those they battle. Check it out and admire the gorgeous in-game footage included.

Dev Diary - Class Balance

Red5 Studios has released a brand new video featuring Lead Class Designer Dave Williams talking about the intricacies involved in balancing battleframes for both PvE and PvP. The video features a lot of great in game footage as well so check it out!

Territory Control

Mortal Online has been updated with the new Territory Control system firmly in place.

First Impressions Overview with Ripper X (Live Commentary)

Ripper X takes a first look at the one and only Star Wars Old Republic MMO which is currently in BETA and coming out soon. Ripper checks out the beginning stages of the game and finds some really cool features in this gameplay overview.

Game Face #12: Empire Preview

Hillary "Pokket" Nicole brings us Game Face #12 where she takes the Sith Inquisitor and Imperial Agent for a spin in a preview full of all things Imperial.

Dev Diary 2 - Upcoming Features

The Hedone team has released a second trailer featuring a look at some of the awesome features the MMOFPS will include such as commentators, 'half time', new weapons, maps and more.

GangWars Official Trailer

Vogster has announced that the next CrimeCraft expansion is set to be released on December 5th. Called "GangWars", the expansion is set in the aftermath of the Bleedout Campaign. Enjoy!

Templars Teaser Trailer

Funcom has released a new trailer featuring the Templars, one of three secret societies from The Secret World. "The Templars are the old guard of The Secret World; ruthless and traditional they will use any means to fight the darkness." Check it out!

New Races Trailer

The Eden Eternal team has released a new trailer featuring two new races that will be joining the MMO with the update scheduled to hit servers at the end of November. The video features the bear-like Ursun race as well as the cute Halfkin race. Check it out!

War of the Immortals Ranger Class Trailer

Perfect World Entertainment has released a new trailer showing off the Ranger class in War of the Immortals. In addition, the trailer gives insight into the WoI pet system and how pets can fuse with their masters to provide buffs and skills as the team takes on the WoI monsters. Check it out!

Dev Diary Upcoming Features

Hedone devs showcase upcoming features from Acony's MMOFPS.

Comic Series Dev Diary

Cryptic Studios and the Champions Online dev team have released a new video with designers discussing the making of the new comic adventures, from the first "Aftershock" to the alien encounters coming in the "Whiteout" Comic Series. Check it out!

Game Face: SWTOR Republic Preview

Hillary "Pokket" Nicole takes a look at the perennial (to some) good guys from SWTOR: The Republic.