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C9 - Continent of the Ninth - Game Play

Webzen has released a game play trailer for its upcoming free to play MMORPG, Continent of the Ninth, or C9.

Brawl for the Americas

Cultures Online is setting sail for the Americas. Asians and Vikings will be hitting the shores of the Americas and battling for control of various strategic locals. To showcase the battle royale, the Cultures Online team has released a new trailer. Check it out!

Choose Your Side - Inquisitor or Trooper?

Bioware has released a new "Choose Your Side" video. This time, the Inquisitor and the Trooper face off against one another. Check out the firepower both bring into the game and then choose -your- side!

PlanetSide 2: The New Conglomerate

The PlanetSide 2 has released a new trailer featuring one of the factions set to debut in the game on release. The New Conglomerate is known to inhabit the shady side of the street and members are known as rebels, traitors and terrorists.

Release Trailer

Gunshine.net is out to take Facebook gaming to a new level with real-time cooperative shooter action. Gunshine.net recently completed its beta phase of development and the team is ecstatic! To celebrate, a new trailer was released. Check it out!

Skyrim Gameplay

Bill takes on an early "boss" in a Skyrim dungeon... and nearly dies. Who knew the undead could be so mean?

Free to Play Announcement

Sony Online Entertainment announced earlier this week that EverQuest 2 would finally be going free to play in early December. To celebrate the announcement, the dev team produced a nifty new video showing off the epic scope of EQ2. Check it out!

Guild Wars 2 Cinematic Conversation

A new ArenaNet video featuring 'cinematic conversations' between player characters and Guild Wars 2 NPCs.

Guild Wars 2 Character Customization Video

During this week's GStar in South Korea, the Guild Wars 2 team showed a new video showing off some pretty impressive character customization. In a new blog post on the Guild Wars 2 site, Eric Flannum dissects the video that outlines some of the new/improved features shown.

War of Immortals Closed Beta Trailer

Perfect World has released a new trailer from War of Immortals. The game has just entered its closed beta phase of development. Players will be able to take on levels 1-50 in the CBT and will have the chance to win some awesome swag from PWE.

Star Trek Online Opening Cinematic

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have announced that the official launch date for the free to play version of Star Trek Online is set for January 17, 2012. To celebrate the announcement, a new trailer featuring the reworked opening cinematic has been released. Enjoy!

Lineage Eternal Gameplay Trailer

During GStar in South Korea this week, NCSoft and the Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance team showed off this game play trailer. It's 14 minutes of marginal quality but it definitely shows what the game is going to be and some pretty awesome combat. Check it out!

Firefall GStar 2011 Trailer

The Red 5 development team was on hand at this week's GStar convention in South Korea. While there, the team showed off the lastest trailer from its upcoming futuristic MMO, Firefall.

Nadirim Lore Introduction

Twisted Tribe and the Nadirim team have released a new cinematic trailer featuring the lore behind the browser MMO based on the Arabian Nights stories. Nadirim was released into the retail market on November 7th.

Dark Eden Announcement Trailer

Ignited Games has announced that it is accepting beta applications for its upcoming vampire MMO called Dark Eden. According to press information, Dark Eden is a throwback to the "golden age of MMOs, featuring classic hack-and-slash action and isometric 2D visuals."