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Good King Moggle Mog XII Battle

Square Enix and the Final Fantasy XIV team have posted a new trailer that features Good King Moggle Mog XII, a new boss set to arrive with the v1.20 patch. King Moggle Mog XII will take on groups of eight level 50 characters in an epic battle. This video shows off his awesome power. Check it out! http://www.mmorpg.com http://lodestone.finalfantasyxiv.com/

Sith Inquisitor Progression

Bioware and the Star Wars: The Old Republic teams have released a new video showing off the character progression for the Sith Inquisitor. These bad boys and girls are masters of the Dark Side of the Force and are formidable opponents. Check it out! Find out more: http://www.mmorpg.com http://www.swtor.com

Logging into CBT 4

The ArcheAge team has filmed the log in video that players participating in the Korean closed beta see. Use your imagination and pretend it's YOU! Enjoy! http://www.mmorpg.com

Trumpet of the Legionnaire Trailer

The Eudemons team has released a new trailer to show off the forthcoming Trumpet of the Legionnaire expansion. The new content features Legion Eudemons of five Chinese Elements, multi-rider mounts, a new upgrading system, and new quests. The expansion will launch on December 22nd.

EIN (Epicus Incognitus) GStar 2011

Inuca Inc. has announced that several veterans of the Kingdoms Under Fire legacy have banded together to create a new MMO called "EIN (Epicus Incognitus)". According to the development team, EIN is a next generation MMO with a deeply immersive storyline to sweep players into the game.

Iop's Heart Game Play

Iop's Heart is a tough durable character class for Wakfu players to utilize. MMORPG.com has partnered with Ankama and Square Enix to bring our readers the first look at Iop's Heart in battle. Check it out!

Launch Trailer

Rock Hippo has announced that its new title, Brawl Busters, will officially launch on December 15th. To celebrate the announcement, the team has released a new trailer and new screenshots highlighting some of the F2P's features. Check it out! http://www.mmorpg.com

Age of Discovery Launch Trailer

Sony Online Entertainment and the EverQuest II team have released a brand new trailer to celebrate the official launch of the latest expansion, Age of Discovery. The video also celebrates the F2P conversion of the game and the Freeport Reborn content upgrade. Check it out!

Closed Beta Test 4 Video

XLGames and the ArcheAge team has released a new game play video from the Korean closed beta test currently ongoing. Check it out!

Game Face #14: Top Ten Reasons to Play SWTOR Pt 2

In the second part of a three part series, Pokket details more of her top ten reasons why she will be playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Pokket starts with Number 7 and continues the downward count as the days to SWTOR's release nears. Check it out! http://www.mmorpg.com http://www.swtor.com

Scorched Desert Location Trailer

Funcom and The Secret World dev team have released a new trailer featuring the Egyptian location called The Scorched Desert. Aten has been reborn and is marshaling his minions to wreak havoc on the Earth. Check it out! http://www.mmorpg.com http://www.thesecretworld.com

Action On Demand Trailer

Trion Worlds has released a short Rift trailer showing off one of the new features coming into game, Action On Demand. A simple click of a button and players are whisked off to instant action and are able to drop in or drop out at will. The rewards, say the devs, are well worth the effort. Check it out! http://www.mmorpg.com http://www.riftgame.com

Champion Class

Perfect World Entertainment shines the spotlight on the Champion class from War of the Immortals. Champions are the ultimate front line warriors, durable and tough. See what makes them so special in this video preview.

8Realms Preview Trailer

This video is a preview of 8Realms, the latest addition to the Jagex family of games. 8Realms is a browser-based MMORTS.

Age of Discovery & Freeport Reborn

Sony Online Entertainment has put together a new trailer featuring a recent tour of some of the new locations and content that will arrive on December 6th. Both the Age of Discovery expansion and the Freeport Reborn content update are featured in the trailer. Check it out! http://www.mmorpg.com