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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Switch Review: The Port We Deserve

General - Columns

You take a hit and fly across the ground, sliding to a stop as you try to regain your composure. Pulling an arrow from the quiver, you take aim, the arrow is loosed and you hit the charging beast square in the eye socket. The giant beast goes down with a thud, and it’s still warm corpse is laying there waiting for you to harvest it. This is our review of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Nintendo Switch.Posted Aug 28, 2018 by Christopher Bowman

Guild Wars 2 Gamescom 2018 Interview: Looking Back at Living World

Guild Wars 2 - Interviews

After 6 years ArenaNet of game changing events, we got some time to sit down and talk to Mike Zadorojny, Game Director, and Elisabeth Cardy, Global Brand Manager, to talk about how Living World has changed the way ArenaNet tell stories.Posted Aug 28, 2018 by Ed Orr

Dragon Quest XI Review: A Modern Classic Brought to the West

General - Columns

After a long absence in the West Dragon Quest makes its way to our shores later next week. Was it worth the wait? Read on for our review to find out.Posted Aug 28, 2018 by Robert Lashley

Strange Brigade Review - Spiffy, Tricky & Addictive, Old Chap!

General - Columns

Written like an old fashioned pulp-fiction matinee, feeling every bit an Indiana Jones movie with visual immersion as detailed as an AAA MMORPG - Rebellion development team’s newest title Strange Brigade launches this week with rip-roaring stories, animation, puzzles and gunfire all in the picturesque albeit zombie-ridden setting of 1930’s Egypt. How did this all come to be, what is a strange brigade and why are they here? Posted Aug 27, 2018 by Kelley Kiwi

Creative Sound BlasterX G6 Portable Sound Card Review: Hi-Res Audio Comes to Console (and PC)

General - Hardware Reviews

Today, we’re looking at a portable sound card made to move between your PC and console of choice with the Creative Sound BlasterX G6. It promises hi-res audio, full 7.1 surround sound, effects and amplification for even the most demanding audiophile headphones. Is it worth $149?Posted Aug 27, 2018 by Christopher Coke

Ashes of Creation Gamescom 2018 Interview: Responding to Criticism

Ashes of Creation - Interviews

At Gamescom 2018, we interviewed creative director Steven Sharif on why he’s comfortable with criticism, and how the Alpha is helping them respond.Posted Aug 27, 2018 by Gareth Harmer

Viotek NB24C Gaming Monitor Review: Curved Gaming at an Affordable Price

General - Hardware Reviews

We’ve covered a lot of different monitors here at MMORPG and often they’re on the expensive end of the spectrum. But what about the gamer who doesn’t have $500 to spend just on a single display? That’s what we’re exploring today with the Viotek NB24C. It’s 24-inches, curved, 1080p, and offers a 75 Hz refresh rate with Freesync. For gamers on a budget, is it worth the current price of $149.99? Let’s find out. Posted Aug 26, 2018 by Christopher Coke

August 25th, 2018 Weekly Newsletter

General - Newsletters

In Issue 632 of the Newsletter, we look at Torchlight Frontiers and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Aug 25, 2018 by Michael Bitton

Going Face-to-Face with the Community

Guild Wars 2 - Columns

ArenaNet’s latest expansion is not long out the door and with no sign of us jumping into a new expansion pack quite yet, they didn’t bring a floor presence to Gamescom 2018. What they did do, however, was continue a process they have been slowly chasing for the last year, of attending in a way that allows fans to come together. From the Griffon that landed outside SDCC to last night’s community party, these events are incredibly important.Posted Aug 25, 2018 by Ed Orr

Five Things We Wish We’d Seen at Gamescom

General - Columns

Gamescom is not quite over yet. It continues all weekend long in a fantastic festival of fun. However, many of the big announcements have been made and we continue to find ourselves wanting. If the game landscape is any indicator, it is that Gamescom did not pack its normal huge punch of information this year. That was reserved for E3. Now, the good news is, we still have a lot to look forward to this fall. Here are some of the things we wish we saw come out of Gamescom. Posted Aug 24, 2018 by Garrett Fuller

A Newb’s Adventures In World of Warcraft - Week 2

World of Warcraft - Columns

reminder. I occasionally stream my adventures. So follow me on Twitter (@ShankTheTank) for updates when I go live on my Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and Periscope. For a playlist of my adventures so far, check out this playlist.Posted Aug 24, 2018 by Poorna Shankar

Good Eats

Monster Hunter World - Guides

Red Thomas dives in the seemingly innocuous dining environment available in Monster Hunter World and explores some of the unexpected complexities in the system.Posted Aug 23, 2018 by Red Thomas

Mike’s Top Picks of Gamescom 2018

General - Columns

This year felt a bit different for me. There were a ton of new trailers and some key developments, but nothing truly awe-inspiring (well, except one thing, but more on that later). In any case, Gamescom 2018 did still tick some key boxes for me and these are my highlights listed in no particular order.Posted Aug 23, 2018 by Michael Bitton

Max Schaefer On Housing, Pets, Progression and More

Torchlight Frontiers - Interviews

During Gamescom 2018, our pals Ed and Gareth were able to be among the first to get hands-on time with Echtra and Perfect World’s Torchlight Frontiers - the brand new MMO ARPG based on the Torchlight franchise formerly of Runic Games. They also spoke to studio founder Max Schaefer about many of the finer details of how Frontiers will play - from housing to randomization, progression and gear, day and night cycles and more.Posted Aug 23, 2018 by Gareth Harmer

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset K5: Value On A Budget?

General - Hardware Reviews

The perennial balance between budget and quality comes face to face with the ONIKUMA Gaming Headset K5. Where does it land? And who is it for?Posted Aug 22, 2018 by Poorna Shankar

Sending the Spiral to Steam

Wizard101 - Columns

Just in time for its 10th Anniversary, Wizard101 is taking to Steam. It’s a move I’ve wanted KingsIsle to make for quite some time now, and I’m ecstatic that they’re finally taking the leap. However, there are a few important things that players need to know before they pack up their traditional launcher.Posted Aug 22, 2018 by Vanessa Mythdust

Battle for Azeroth’s Progression Problem

World of Warcraft - Columns

Let me preface this: Battle for Azeroth may very well be the pinnacle of story and zone design in World of Warcraft’s 14-year history. I’ve loved almost every bit of questing and dungeon content, and I’m actually reading the quests for the first time in years. But there’s a big glaring issue that’s increasingly clear the more I play – it never feels like your character is growing or making progress in this expansion.Posted Aug 22, 2018 by William Murphy

Gamescom – Top 5 Surprises So Far

General - Columns

Gamescom has become a launching ground for some of the major announcements throughout the year in games. It is Europe’s biggest show and host to thousands of fans. A lot of marketing goes into Gamescom for companies and usually we get a solid list of announcements each year. There have been a few surprises this year and here are some of the things we are very excited came out this week. Posted Aug 21, 2018 by Garrett Fuller

Logitech G Pro Gaming Mice: 16K HEROs

General - Hardware Reviews

Pro gaming has been garnering more and more attention, and that has caused a wave amongst peripheral manufacturers. One company has made gone above designing for eSports-minded players and has instead gone into full collaboration with professional gamers to design what is, to them, the perfect pair of mice: that company is Logitech and we have those mice in our hands. This is our review of the Logitech G Pro and G Pro Wireless.Posted Aug 21, 2018 by Christopher Bowman

Battle for Azeroth - The Return of a Filthy Casual

World of Warcraft - Columns

Rob’s back to revisit Azeroth while she faces her greatest thread. Let’s check in on his journey so far.Posted Aug 21, 2018 by Robert Lashley