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ArenaNet and the Wisdom of Not Doing Anything

Guild Wars 2 - Editorials

ArenaNet should be having a good time. The latest update to the Path of Fire expansion came out, it was universally acclaimed by media and players. They’ve scored a win, and regained momentum. But then… well, then an employee spoke out on Twitter. And then the President made an example of her, and another employee. And now ArenaNet is in the middle of a PR blunder of its own creation.Posted Jul 10, 2018 by William Murphy

Is This the Best Way to Drive Yourself Crazy?

Defiance 2050 - Columns

Headstart for Defiance 2050 snuck up on us pretty quickly after its announcement late February followed by closed, then open beta’s in June. Today Xbox and PlayStation launch officially with PC and to kick off this day in gaming history this is the first of three reviews in progress on Defiance 2050 that I look forward to providing over the coming weeks.Posted Jul 10, 2018 by Kelley Kiwi

Heaven on High Fixes One of the Deep Dungeon's Worst Flaws

Final Fantasy XIV - Columns

It’s been a long time coming. Deep Dungeons have returned to FFXIV, with Heaven-on-High offering Stormblood’s take on Palace of the Dead. These randomly generated dungeons were a highlight of Heavensward,and showcased a completely new approach to the game. Now I’ve had some hands-on time with the sequel, something struck me about what PotD got wrong — and HoH gets right. Posted Jul 9, 2018 by Michael O’Connell-Davidson

Shining Resonance Refrain Review - It's An Epic Tale

General - Columns

When I first reported on Shining Resonance Refrain over at, it was something of a revelation to me. The hype that so many of my friends and colleagues had built up around the game seemed well placed after I got hands on the Nintendo Switch demo. Now, we can finally follow Kirita, Sonia, and Yuma on the rest of their journey as Shining Resonance refrain launches on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.Posted Jul 9, 2018 by Ed Orr

July 7th, 2018 Weekly Newsletter

General - Newsletters

In Issue 625 of the Newsletter, we look at World of Warships and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Jul 7, 2018 by Michael Bitton

Fortuna Takes Tennos to Venus, and Railjack Revealed

Warframe - Previews

Last year at TennoCon the community was shocked and excited to finally be able to venture into an open world to shoot, bullet jump, and fly like a ninja without being constrained to a hallway. In 2018, Digital Extremes went all in with creating better open-worlds. Even though the new open-world, The Orb Vallis might appear to be similar to Plain of Eidolon, it has a more refined experience. Posted Jul 7, 2018 by Aaron Couture

Cooler Master CK552: The Best Value RGB Keyboard Today

General - Hardware Reviews

There’s no doubt about it: mechanical keyboards elevate your gaming experience. They feel better, last longer, and are more responsive than any rubber dome. Add in fancy programmable lighting and you have a fantastic contraption, but one that comes at a hefty price. Until now. Introducing the Cooler Master CK552. At $79.99, it may just be the best value in RGB keyboards today. This is our official review.Posted Jul 7, 2018 by Christopher Coke

Cooler Master MasterCase H500M: Sturdy, Quiet, and Gorgeous

General - Hardware Reviews

Have you ever wanted a case with giant, RGB turbine-like fans blasting insane airflow through your rig at suspiciously quiet volumes? Your answer should answer yes because it’s awesome. When CoolerMaster rolled out the MasterCase H500M at Computex this year it was love at first sight for me with those giant front-facing RGB fans but does the rest of the case live up to the $200 price tag?Posted Jul 6, 2018 by Robert Baddeley

BioWare’s Swansong

Anthem - Columns

We all know what a fickle company EA is when it comes to any non-sports game. Despite this, they have launched a lot of ideas especially through the BioWare brand. Known for top RPGs over decades, the question really is how much of the BioWare-of-old remains? Posted Jul 6, 2018 by Garrett Fuller

Tyria Done Quick

Guild Wars 2 - Columns

We’ve all been there. You only got a spare few moments left before you are unceremoniously yanked out of Tyria. Pizza is on the way, the raid group has dispersed, or worse you’ve got to go outside. So instead here are a few ideas for things that you can do in Tyria that can be crammed into the space between. Let’s all them adventures in ten minutes or less.Posted Jul 6, 2018 by Ed Orr

Social Media Warfare Takes Down Two Writers at ArenaNet

Guild Wars 2 - Columns

We all know Social media is a quagmire of scum and villainy. The temptation to go full keyboard warrior, the white knights, and flaming. For all the good it can do, it can destroy just as easily. So, when the Guild Wars 2 subreddit started blowing up over some combative social media comments things weren't bound to end well for two of ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 writing team.Posted Jul 6, 2018 by Ed Orr

Get Ready for the Next Battle: Nintendo Switch vs. PC

General - Editorials

I am the proud owner of a Nintendo Switch, and can say without hesitation that it’s terrific! That said, I’m not ready to make the claim that it’s a better overall platform than the PC for gamers. With an unparalleled user base, not to mention platform longevity, the PC has been and always will be KING.Posted Jul 5, 2018

It's About That Grind

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

Let’s all face it, we live and die on the daily grind of MMORPGs. Whether we are grinding levels, champion points or trying to get that set complete we are living the dream of the grind. Some love it, some hate it and some of us are just in-between. In the world of Tamriel we are still slaves to the grind but it’s not all bad in the end. Let’s talk about it, shall we? Sit down and grab some popcorn.Posted Jul 5, 2018 by Josh Hay

The Pros & Cons of Fallout 76

Fallout 76 - Columns

Initially, my feelings on Fallout 76 could be best described as cautiously optimistic. The basic premise of the game appealed to me and I didn’t find too many issues with the E3 announcement or what I learned from the Noclip documentary, but since then, things have gotten a bit more complicated. The messaging has been kind of all over the place from Bethesda and the more time I have to think about things, the more I wonder how it will all pan out. Posted Jul 5, 2018 by Michael Bitton

Is Crowdfunding Bad?

General - Editorials

As more crowdfunded games reach launch, it’s a good time to take a look at the process of getting from funded to finished. When it surged in popularity, we didn’t know if crowdfunding was a good idea or not. Now that the process has been tested a few times, we have more information available on which to base an informed opinion.Posted Jul 5, 2018 by Red Thomas

The Beta Ganks Back

Camelot Unchained - Columns

With Beta being missed for the third time, our own Tim Eisen takes a look at what landing it upon the fourth try means, for better or worse.Posted Jul 4, 2018 by Tim Eisen

Samsung 970 Pro NVME M.2 SSD: The Reigning King of NVME SSDs

General - Hardware Reviews

Since their release nearly three years ago, Samsung’s NVME M.2 SSDs have dominated the high performance storage market. Competition has been glacial in their attempts to catch up, but as they finally do, Samsung has returned to defend their title with the 970 series. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a 970 PRO NVME M.2 SSD. Let’s see how it fared in our tests. Posted Jul 3, 2018 by Christopher Coke

Developing in Leaps and Bounds

World of Warships - Developer Journals

Wargaming is widely recognized as the company that created the iconic game about tanks. It's also known as the creator of World of Warships, a game about ships created in the same historical setting. It represents the largest fleet in the gamedev world to date, and the developers clearly do not spare any effort expanding it further.Posted Jul 3, 2018

We Interrogate the Team Behind the Warface Console Invasion

General - Interviews

Warface, the free-to-play FPS, is jumping from its home on PC and invading consoles later this year. Recently, ahead of its launch, a few select conscripts dropped into a secret Parisian bunker to try out tan early build of this console shooter. Publisher is expecting big things from this title and after we locked and loaded, I sat down with Project Manager Alexander Shimov to talk about this leap over to console.Posted Jul 3, 2018 by Ed Orr

Riding Down the Highway of Loneliness

The Crew 2 - Review

The Crew 2 has been live since June 29th, and by now we have all had a decent amount of time to sink deeper into what this game is supposed to be. The first title in the series debuted to mixed reviews but eventually was shined up nicely to be quite a good game. Has Ubisoft learned from the past and made a stronger game or are we simply going to get more of the same? This is our review of The Crew 2.Posted Jul 3, 2018 by David Holmes

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