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Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live - June 2nd

The latest Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live is in the bag and the 3.5 hour-long replay is now on YouTube as are the notes for those who prefer to read them. During the event, a number of topics were covered that are of interest to those looking ahead to the Shadowbringers expansion. It covers topics including the FATE system readjustments, side quests / role quest system adjustments, new UI features.

Minecraft Earth Gameplay - Building & Discovering Together

During today's Apple Worldwide Developers' Conference, Mojang showed off Minecraft Earth, its upcoming augmented reality game. The demo showcases how things are built on a small scale, but then can be enlarged to real-world size and see one another exploring them.

ATLAS Mega Update 2 Trailer

Atlas Mega Update #2 has landed on the game's official servers complete with a new boss in an icy lair, new islands to discover, new items, creatures and a bunch of quality of life additions as well.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie - Lvl 1 Warrior LF Love - TheHiveLeader

Recovery of an MMO Junkie was a rather popular anime a few years ago. Seeing as it has to do with MMOs, TheHiveLeader figured it would go well on his channel. Boy oh boy this show sure is something else. Let's see what it's all about shall we?

Inside Star Citizen: Prowlin' the Black Market | 3.5 Ep. 6

The latest Inside Star Citizen video has been published with Associate Creative Producer Jared Huckaby shining the spotlight on several development updates for the week including ship customization and "the shady dealings of the black market," something designed to make Star Citizen a "living breathing playground".

Starbase - Announcement Trailer - A Voxel/Vertex-Based Space MMO

Frozenbyte Games has put out a new trailer for an upcoming voxel and "vertex"-based space MMO coming to Steam early access later in 2019. The focus is on "building and designing spaceships and stations, exploration, resource gathering, crafting, trading and combat". It will also include a sandbox mode so it can be experienced solo or in small groups.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2  Malkavian Clan Revealed

Paradox Interactive has put out a new post and video about the Malkavian Clan, the final full-blood clan that will ship with the game. The Malkavians are also known as the Clan of the Moon and are considered to possess knowledge of things no others have access to -- but with a price.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Trailers Showcase Weapons

Capcom has released a pair of very brief videos to showcase weapons coming to the Monster Hunter World expansion, Iceborne. The videos showcase several of the new weapon styles coming with Iceborne. In each, viewers will get a look at weapons in action as the character enters into battle.

Ashes of Creation - Dev Diaries - Weapon Modeling

Intrepid Studios has released a new video developer diary, this time focused on Weapon Modeling and featuring Senior Weapon Artist Carson Steil. In the video, viewers are treated to a look at the creative process from concept art through its inclusion in the game.

Warhammer: Chaosbane - EndGame & Post Launch Plans

BigBen has released a new developer diary for Warhammer: Chaosbane that lays out both endgame and post-launch plans for the game.

Atom RPG Trailer Showcases the Upcoming Dead City Update

On May 29th, Atom RPG will be receiving its biggest update yet with the Dead City patch. To showcase some of the big things coming with Dead City, developers released a cinematic trailer showing new locations, improved animations, new characters and much more.

Mobile MMO MU Origin 2 Launches with Brand New Trailer

Webzen has sent out a brand new trailer celebrating the launch of its mobile MMO, MU Origin 2 in North America, Latin America and Europe. The game is available for both iOS and Android devices and is localized into English, Portuguese and Spanish.

World of Warcraft - Queen Azshara Boss Fight Preview

LeystTV has a new preview of a portion of the Queen Azshara fight from the Eternal Palace raid that is currently on the World of Warcraft PTR. The raid will open about a week after the v8.2 "Rise of Azshara" patch launches. According to the description, the video has been made "to look like a cinematic movie".

Warhammer: Chaosbane - Story Trailer

Warhammer: Chaosbane is priming for release on June 4th and to celebrate, developers have pushed out a brand new story trailer. "As the threat of Chaos looms over the horizon, heroes from across the Old World must band together and drive back the Dark Gods".

EVE Online - Invasion Cinematic Trailer

With the looming release of EVE Online's next content expansion, Invasion, CCP Games is treating fans to a new cinematic trailer. In Invasion, players will see the "fearsome Triglavian forces" come into known space for the first time ever.