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Remnant: From the Ashes Trailer - "Can You Survive?"

Perfect World Entertainment has sent out a new trailer for its upcoming survival-action shooter that is set on four separate worlds. Three players will "test their limits in intense combat against over 100 deadly monsters and over 20 epic bosses in dynamically-generated levels that offer endless worlds to explore". Remnant: From the Ashes is expected to launch on August 20th for PC via Steam, XBox One and PlayStation 4.

Starpoint Gemini 3 Official Gameplay Trailer

Starpoint Gemini 3 isn't scheduled to launch until later this year, but the developers want to show off a bit of gameplay to prime player's excitement. Set 30 years after the events of Starpoint Gemini 2, the game shows players that, while the universe has changed, nothing stays the same forever. Players take on the role of Jonathan Bold, an adventurer who "doesn't give a damn about the universe or its problems".

Guild Wars 2 Skyscale Mount Revealed

Yesterday we shared a Guild Wars 2 teaser video from ArenaNet that had players talking about the dragon seen cruising through the air. Today we now know that the Skyscale is a new mount coming to the game. According to Eurogamer's exclusive reveal, unlike the currently existing griffon mount, "the dragon is more like a helicopter as it can take off from the ground and go up. It can gain altitude where the griffon can't".

The Turbine Story - An Interview with Turbine Founder Johnny Monsarrat

Thanks to an anonymous tip, we've had our attention drawn to a recent interview conducted by "Andang", a prolific LOTRO content creator, with Turbine founder Johnny Monsarrat. The hour long interview covers everything from the ins and outs of starting a gaming company to the early days of the MMO genre. According to our tipster, "the interview ends with Johnny sharing his recent project which aims to be the next Pokemon Go". Check it out!

Defend The Night - Alpha 1 Trailer

Alpha 1 game teaser for our upcoming dark fantasy MMORPG, Defend The Night!

The Division 2: Year 1 Update - Invasion: Battle for D.C.

Ubisoft has released a new trailer ahead of tomorrow's release of Part 1 of Invasion: Battle for D.C. Tidal Basin is the first part in a yearlong series of content releases that sees the Black Tusk's most formidable stronghold become available "along with new exotic weapons, gear sets, events and more". Operation Dark Hours will come on April 25th and a 4th specialization will be "coming soon".

Caravan Stories Gameplay Trailer

Caravan Stories is a popular Japanese mobile MMO that is being ported to PlayStation 4 in preparation for a July 2019 release.

Borderlands 3 Coming September 13th as an Epic Games Store Exclusive

After all the speculation yesterday about deleted tweets on the release date for Borderlands 3, we now know that it will arrive, in fact, on September 13th. It will be an Epic Games Store exclusive through April 2020.

Eternal Fury 2 Trailer

Trailer from Eternal Fury, HTML5 browser MMO.

Shirley Curry: The Gaming / Skyrim Grandma Documentary

The good folks at Gameumentary have produced a nearly half-hour documentary about Shirley "The Gaming / Skyrim Grandma" Curry. The show centers on Shirley's 83rd birthday and a Skyrim gaming session. It's a feel-good look at an amazing personality that has earned her "thousands of passionate fans" and how their lives...and hers...have changed for the better.

Ashes of Creation Nodes Q&A Live Stream Replay

In case you missed it, the Ashes of Creation team took to the airwaves late last week to spend some time answering community questions about the node system that has been the subject of several blog posts on the official site. The team covered a number of topics related to nodes including the parent/vassal node system, travel between nodes and more about the node destruction system.

Elder Scrolls Online - Hands On Gameplay Video with Elsweyr's Necromancer

During Bethesda’s Game Days at PAX East, I finally got time to try the Necromancer in Elder Scrolls Online’s forthcoming Elsweyr chapter. I can say, with some trepidation, that the Necromancer may be the most interesting class Zenimax has ever imagined for their MMO.

Ship of Heroes Internal Footage & City Improvements

The Ship of Heroes team has published a new video featuring some internal footage "to show our devs how the main level is coming along". The video is narrated by the lead environmental artist with commentary on recent changes that include day/night cycle, road designs, streetlights and street signs.

Sword Art Online - Don't Mess With Developers - TheHiveLeader

By popular demand, TheHiveLeader has finally caved and decided to talk about Sword Art Online. So let's watch the first episode and see how exactly SAO holds up. The answer? We probably shouldn't mess with developers anymore...

The Outer Worlds - PAX East 2019 Gameplay Demo Walkthrough

During this weekend's PAX East, Obsidian Entertainment showed off a 20-minute demo that spotlighted a short-duration quest. The player is accompanied by two of the game's companions, Felix and Nyoka. During gameplay, several systems are shown including character customization, combat, weapons, loot, and the branching dialog system.