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Everquest II Receiving New Server, Beta For Upcoming Expansion, Anniversary Event

A producer letter from Everquest II outlines beta details, server launch, and anniversary events.

Everquest II Disabling Custom UIs For Upcoming Test, Lays Out Rewards For Players Who Keep Playing To Help

Custom UIs will be disabled in Everquest 2 for an upcoming test, according to a forum update by Daybreak.

EverQuest II Nights Of The Dead Event Now Live Bringing Spooky And Kooky Nights

Tis the season (of Halloween events), and EverQuest II is joining in the fun again this year. Starting today, October 8th, and running through Friday, November 1st, players can join ghosts, ghouls and goblins in the "Nights of the Dead 2019" event.

EverQuest II Prelude Event Live, Leads Into Upcoming Expansion

EverQuest II's unannounced, yet upcoming expansion is getting a prelude event, one that will have players taking part in new quests and adventures in the historic MMO.

Everquest II's Update 111 Carnage in Kael Is Coming August 27th

Everquest II will be getting an update later this month, and with it comes a new mount, a new Fabled Zone and more.

EverQuest II Producer's Letter Peeks at What's Coming in Summer 2019

The summer edition of the EverQuest Producer's Letter is now live on the game's official site to provide a peek into what players can expect to come for the balance of summer 2019. This includes the summer arrival of Expert versions of Chaos Descending heroic dungeons, "best-in-slot items in Chaos Descending public quests starting June 18th, Nagafen PvP Server Season 1 ending on June 18th & Season 2 starting July 16th, game store Pride items, the Scorched Sky celebration & more.

EverQuest II Invites PvP Fans to Nagafen

Nagafen is the new EverQuest 2 PvP server that went live on March 16th. This is a "seasonal PvP server" where players may only have a single character and that will start with "classic" EQ2 with new content unlocking every month. There's no time to lollygag either as the server season only lasts for three months. Players will be able to check out and compete for a spot on the leaderboards and will be able to earn rewards based on placement at the end of the server run.

Kaladim is the New Time Locked Expansion Server for Everquest II Players

If you're looking to recapture the glory days of EverQuest II, you may want to check in on the Kaladim Time Locked Expansion Server. Kaladim launched yesterday starting with "vanilla" EQ2 and with expansions unlocking automatically every sixteen weeks. Players can collect some new achievements and Heritage Quests "on this server will not only provide the quest rewards, but an additional reward on EVERY server you play on".

EverQuest II Team Reveals Details About 'Nagafen' Seasonal Free-for-All PvP Server

As promised in last week's producer's letter, the EverQuest II team has laid out the first details about Nagafen, the seasonal PvP server. The server will be opening for beta testing soon with the lofty goal to "relive as much of the glory days of EverQuest II PvP as possible, and bring back the rakish spirit of the Nagafen community".

Celebrate Even More EverQuest Through EverQuest II's Upcoming Events

The EverQuest II team is ready to celebrate its elder sibling's 20th anniversary with some pretty sweet new things for its community too. Players will be able to take part in the Plane of Mischief event in March and a new "event server" called Nagafen will be introducing content sure to please old-school PvPers.

EverQuest 2: Chaos Descending Launches & Here's the Trailer

It's launch day for the latest EverQuest II expansion, Chaos Descending. To celebrate today's launch, developers have sent out a brand new trailer.

EverQuest II: Chaos Descending - What Are the Gods Up to Now?

You. ARE. Legend. Heads of nations know of you and either fear or respect you, beings of immense power have fallen to you and been trampled into the dusty annals of history. Even the Gods have taken notice and have gone so far as to personally petition for your help. But now… Now they want to put you on trial, and the consequential reverberations might just shatter the world. Again. This is our review of EverQuest II: Chaos Descending.

Pre-Orders Begin for the Next EverQuest II Expansion, Chaos Descending

Daybreak Game Company has announced that pre-orders for the next EverQuest II expansion have opened ahead of the November 13th launch date. Those who purchase Chaos Descending will be granted immediate beta access.

Nights of the Dead Returns to EverQuest II

From now through November 1st, ghosties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night will be inhabiting EverQuest II thanks to the arrival of the Nights of the Dead event. There are lots of ways to get involved, whether crafting or grabbing a new recipe book or ghost hunting.

Chaos Descending is the Next EverQuest II Expansion

The EverQuest II team has announced the fifteenth expansion to the game, Chaos Descending. In it, players will be invited to "delve deeper into the Elemental Planes" where they'll encounter "some familiar and some not-so-familiar faces" as they work through " the Earthen Badlands, the Kingdom of Wind, through the Unresting Waters, the Burning Lands and the Great Library". Chaos Descending is anticipated to arrive in November.