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Check Out More Swords of Legends Online PvP Gameplay

Are you craving some more gameplay footage from Swords of Legends Online? Well, we've got you covered this morning with some B-roll footage showcasing some PvP gameplay.

Report: Starfield Will Not Appear On PlayStation 5, Exclusive Only To Xbox And PC

Per a new report, Starfield, the upcoming franchise from Elder Scrolls developer Bethesda Game Studios, will not be released on Sony's PlayStation. Instead, the new IP from the studio will release exclusively on Microsoft's Xbox console, as well as PC.

Valheim Player Recreates The Hornburg In Helm's Deep From Lord Of The Rings

Valheim players have astounded the internet with their builds ever since the critically acclaimed survival game launched in early access earlier this year. This time, a new build is making the rounds with a Valheim player recreating the fortress of the Hornburg in Helm's Deep from The Lord of the Rings.

Final Fantasy 14's Patch 5.55, Official PS5 Launch On May 25th

It was a very busy weekend if you are a Final Fantasy XIV fan, with the Digital FanFest taking place on Friday and Saturday nights. While we now know the official launch date for Endwalker, there is a lot of time between now and November 23rd. Thankfully, Square Enix announced the dates players can dive into the continuing story of FFXIV: May 25th.

Catch Up in Caledonia: How Dark Age of Camelot Took Back from the Freeshards

Freeshards have long drawn the population away from the Dark Age of Camelot live servers. Now the venerable MMO is striking back by borrowing from the freeshard's most popular PvP leveling event.

Wasteland 3 Expansion 'The Battle of Steeldown' Arrives June 3

Wasteland is set to receive its first narrative expansion, called The Battle of Steeltown, when it releases next month on June 3.

Genshin Impact Receiving Several Events, Windtrace Event Live Now

Several events are incoming for Genshin Impact. In fact, one of them is already underway and is actually a video competition. Here are the details.

Will Swords of Legends Online Receive Ray Tracing Soon?

Is ray tracing arriving in Swords of Legends Online? Well, if a recently unearthed demo video is of any note, we may expect it soon.

Epomaker AK84 Wireless Mechanical Keboard Review

Epomaker is back again, this time with a 75% layout with the AK84 wireless mechanical keyboard. It features 84-keys, only three short of a standard TKL, but with a compact footprint. Add in bluetooth wireless, full RGB, programmability for gaming, and a CNC-milled top for $69 and you have quite the interesting keyboard. Is it worth a buy? Find out in our review!

Elder Scrolls Online 12-Player Group Limit Confirmed Due to Performance

The reasoning behind the 12-player group limit has been confirmed by Elder Scrolls Online Community Manager, Gina Bruno. In a recent forum post, she confirmed the driving factor here is, as most guessed, performance.

PSA: WoW Classic Auction House Reopens Tomorrow

Here's a quick PSA: the World of Warcraft Classic Auction House will reopen tomorrow after temporarily closing last week.

Latest Atlas Q&A Talks Structure Limits and More

The most recent Q&A for glorious pirate-survival-sailing-thing game, Atlas, has landed providing some insight into things like structure limits and more. Read on for details.

Elyon Closed Beta - Is It Just An Updated Tera?

Mitch went into the Elyon beta last week with a burning question: Is Elyon simply an updated TERA?

After Nearly 3 Years Fallout 76 Will Finally Get Legendary Power Armor - Steel Reign Hits the PTS

Fallout 76 has come a long way from, what some consider, one of the worst launches of a live-service game in recent memory to one of the most played games on Xbox. While bugs still crop up from time to time, Bethesda hasn't given up on delivering enjoyable content for their dedicated player base. The Steel Reign update that was teased in this years' roadmap has hit the Public Test Server, and players seem to have mixed feelings about the changes.

City of Titans Previews Travel Powers in Latest DevBlog

The team at Missing Worlds Media (MWM) has previewed a series of travel powers for City of Titans in their latest devblog. Players will be able to combine multiple travel powers so that they can travel the world however they choose.