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Private Division And Weta Workshop Team Up For New Middle-earth Game

Another Lord of the Rings-based game is in the works per a new partnership between Private Division, a publishing label within Take-Two Interactive and Weta Workshop. The new game, which will be set in Tolkien's Middle-earth, doesn't have any hard details as of yet.

Farthest Frontier Early Access Impressions

Even in early access, Farthest Frontier may have spoiled Brian for other city-building sims. Check out why in his preview.

Sea of Thieves 'A Hunter's Cry' Adventure Launches August 18th, With a New Trailer and Milestones Update

A Hunter's Cry, the latest Adventure for Sea of Thieves, is out this week. Meanwhile, there are some adjustments to the recently-introduced Milestones system.

RuneScape Getting Four Month Long Fresh Start Worlds Event Starting in September, Old School in October

Starting in September, RuneScape will get a four-month fresh start worlds event, with a level playing field, new economy, XP boosts, and an accelerated experience. OSRS will follow in October with no XP boost.

Final Fantasy XIV Hosts Mogshute Farm Livestream to Promote Island Sanctuary, Previews New Raid

Square Enix is hosting a special livestream all week from a real farm to celebrate the new FFXIV Island Sanctuary feature. There's also a preview of the new raid and a peek at the upcoming Variant Dungeon. 

Arlee In Azeroth: 5 Weeks Of WoW Dragonflight Alpha

It doesn't seem like the Dragonflight alpha has been up for five weeks already, but we'll be closing out the fifth week when this column is posted. Robin talks about the latest zone, as well as recapping the alpha over the course of the last five weeks.

Very Old-school MMORPG Ashen Empires Plans Steam Launch but Now Delayed with No ETA

If you haven't heard of Ashen Empires it wouldn't be too surprising as the old-school MMORPG originally released back in 2002. Recently, Iron Will Games LLC has taken up the task of releasing the game on Steam, but the best laid plans went astray at the last minute.

Genshin Impact Delivers Exciting New 3.0 Trailer - Update Planned for August 24th

Genshin Impact has released an in depth trailer depicting what players should get hyped for in the new 3.0 update that is set to release later this month. Along with two new characters, Tighnari and Dori the trailer depicts new enemies, the new region and much more.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Dragon Evolution, NFT Sales, And Night Lights

This week, several of the lesser heard devs poke their heads up to say a few words, while the more common entries have videos full of information for all you indie lovers.

Guild Wars 2 Provides a Glimpse at the Skills and Balance Changes Coming August 23rd

It's that time again. The time when Guild Wars 2 introduces the new combat and balance changes that are headed to the game soon. As the wheel turns we'll find new meta builds, nerfed skills and plenty of cheers and jeers in what appears to be some substantial changes for all classes in all game modes!

Last Oasis - After the Overhaul, What's Next? Donkey Crew Provides an Update

Now that the Season 5 update has gone live, which introduced a major overhaul to a large number of the games' features, what is next for Last Oasis? Donkey Crew has taken to their Steam page to let players know that there is definitely more to come.

Fractured Online Dev Talks Return With An In-Depth Look at Updates Since Beta Launch

Dev talks are back for Fractured Online. The latest covers the many updates made since the launch of closed beta, with highlights on balance changes, how cities work, sieges, economic changes, and much more.

EverQuest II OCransfull is Here to End the Summer Jubilee With New Dungeons, Rewards, and Items

It's the last call for Summer Jubilee in EverQuest II with the arrival of the Oceansfull event. The event features a new quest, new dungeon, nre and returning items, and more.

MultiVersus Season 1 Confirmed To Be Released August 15th, Morty Releasing August 23rd

MultiVersus has seen some smashing success since launching into open beta last month, and the team at Player First Games is gearing up for its first major update since that initial launch. Season 1, after a short delay, will be coming to players on August 15th.

Massdrop x Focal Elex Headphones Review

Focal is one of the most esteemed brands in the audiophile world, and the Elex may just be the best headphone for music and games in its price bracket. Looking for headphones with incredible clarity and spaciousness? Look no further than the Massdrop x Focal Elex.