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Diablo II Resurrected Technical Alpha: Impressions From A Diablo Noob

Bradford has never played a Diablo game before. Yes, we know. How does the experience hold up, and how does it fare for someone who has played games inspired by Diablo, but never Diablo itself?

EVE Online Receives New and Updated Landmarks

EVE Online, the highly popular space sandbox game, has received new and updated landmarks as part of the most recent update to the game. Expect to see new interesting points of interest in your travels across New Eden.

SWG: Legends Is Hosting A Pet Versus Pet Event This Month In The Creature Clash

SWG: Legends is hosting their next Beast Master event, called The Creature Clash, this month. This event will feature pet vs pet contests only, seeing BMs go head to head in a single-round elimination tournament to see which Beast Master is best.

Final Fantasy 14's Next Producer's Letter Will Be Coming During May's Digital Fan Festival

As Final Fantasy 14 is prepping for its next patch, Death Unto Dawn, to release tomorrow, the team is already looking ahead to next month. The FFXIV team announced today the timing for their next Letter from the Producer LIVE, which will be taking place during its upcoming Digital Fan Festival in May.

Temtem Recaps Its First Year Of Early Access As It Preps For Next Major Update

It's been a year since the early access monster-catching MMO Temtem released on Steam and the team behind the MMO has had an eventful one since the release. The team took to a blogpost late last week to detail some of what happened and the milestones they've hit since its initial early access release.

Players Had a Lot to Say About PlanetSide 2's Containment Site Playtest

The recent Containment Site playtest for Planetside 2 took place over this past weekend. And the community has already provided plenty of feedback for the developers with both positive and negative sentiments about various features.

Elyon Is Hosting An AMA This Week On Reddit

Elyon (the MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm) is ramping up its communication with its Western fans as it preps for its upcoming closed beta test. This week the Elyon team is doing an AMA on the MMORPG Subreddit.

Swords Of Legends Online Details Its Reaper Class

Swords of Legends Online is starting to detail its new MMO coming to the West and it's starting with some class reveals. The Reaper is up first, brinigng its hybrid-DPS role to the fore.

Dual Universe PTS Now Includes Update 0.25 Content

In case you missed it, the PTS for Dual Universe was recently made available once again. And this time, it's been updated to include content from the upcoming Update 0.25. Read on for more details about what you can expect.

Is There A Game You Go Back To When You're Burnt Out On Your Current One?

Last week, Jonathan talked about being burnt out in EverQuest II in his latest Norrathian Stride column. It got Bradford thinking: when he gets burnt out on the genre or a game in general, he has a go-to that is always installed. Do you have a go-to game or genre when you feel burnt out on an MMO?

Blade & Soul Outlines New Mischief Makers Events

A bunch of new events are hitting Blade & Soul as part of Mischief Makers, giving you plenty of opportunities for new rewards, gear, and more.

Chronicles of Elyria Blog Post Looks Back on Milestone 1

In case you missed it, Chronicles of Elyria published a blog post recently taking a look back on Milestone 1 of development. This included things they were able to achieve, and what needs to get pushed to later milestones.

Outriders Continuing to Tackle Inventory Wipe Issue

People Can Fly, the developers behind Outriders, have been plugging away on the inventory wipe issue plaguing the game of late. It seems that an end may be in sight, however, given some progress made over the weekend.

Easter Day And Spring Sale 2021 - Windows 10 Professional, Office 2019 Pro And More (SPONSORED)

Windows 10 Professional only for $7.45, Office 2019 Pro Plus for $28.98, a limited time offer from Keysoff for MMORPG users. (SPONSORED)

RuneScape's Login Lockout 5 Weeks Later - With Most Accounts Restored, Jagex Talks Prevention and Compensation

If you aren't familiar with the Login Lockout problem that has been a thorn in the side of RuneScape for over a month, here's your chance to get all caught up. The initial restoration of accounts in RuneScape is coming to a close, but there is more work to do. With this issue finally heading to a close, the developers look back briefly on where the problem began, and what Jagex plans to do to prevent it in the future.