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The Elder Scrolls Online's Anniversary Celebrations Continue, This Time With Free Thieves Guild DLC and Horse

ZeniMax has promised to go big for the 10th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls Online and the newest event could net you more free DLC for embracing your inner thief.

Fallout 4 Next Gen Update Releases Days Just Days After Fallout 4 London Mod's Anticipated Launch

Bethesda has announced that Fallout 4 updates and upgrades are coming to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, as well as an update for PC players. It's set to release just days after the fan-made mod, Fallout 4 London, releases.

Once Human's Mobile Beta Limited to Four Regions, With Start Delayed to Tonight

Once Human has delayed its mobile closed beta until tonight, clarifying extra work was needed and giving more details on the test.

World of Warcraft Plunderstorm Tarantulas Have Killed Over 284k Players

Blizzard has revealed stats from World of Warcraft Plunderstorm matches, where the pirates of WoW show off their insane wins, losses, and achievements earned within the Battle Royale mode. 

Baldur's Gate 3 Takes 'Game of the Year' At Every Major Industry Award

Baldur's Gate 3 swept every "Game of the Year" title in every major juried game awards show: The Game Awards, DICE, Game Developers Choice, and now, as of this week, the BAFTAs.

Zenith: Infinite Realms Opens New Season, Frostrealm, With New Biome, New Lighting Magic, and New Boss

Zenith: Infinite Realms Season 2: Frostrealm, is now live. The new season adds a brand new biome to the game, a new boss, and additional features like lightning gesture magic, and some new cosmetics.

Pax Dei Team Dives into Crafting, From Item Durability to Progression, and Sets Alpha Signup Deadline

If you're interested in Pax Dei's big Wilderness Alpha, you need to sign up by Monday. The team also dives into crafting, including what to expect in the alpha, like item durability, progression, and more.

Possibility Space Closes As Studio Head Effectively Blames Upcoming Article For The Closure

ArenaNet Co-founder Jeff Strain's new studio, Possibility Space, has been closed, closely following the fate of another of Strain's studios, Crop Circle Games. In an email obtained by press, the CEO effectively blames employees speaking for an upcoming article for the reasons surrounding the closure.

Genshin Impact 4.6 Coming April 24th, as Mihoyo Valued at $23 Billion in New Report

"Two Worlds Aflame, the Crimson Night Fades", Genshin Impact will release version 4.6, is coming April 24th, with a new recruitable character that is also a weekly boss. Mihoyo also gets ranked most valuable game dev with $23 billion valuation.

Interview: RamenVR CEO Andy Tsen Talks Zenith: Infinite Realms And How They Hope It Reignites Interest In Their VR MMO

VR MMO Zenith: The Last City finds itself at a crossroads, and its new free-to-play version, Zenith: Nexus is being touted as a way to help save the MMO itself. We sat down with RamenVR studio head Andy Tsen to talk about the challenges the MMO has faced, and the direction behind the new Infinite Realms mode.

Grand Theft Auto Online Executive Bonus Update Brings Massive Rewards

A hefty amount of Executive Bonuses will be available in Grand Theft Auto 5 for those who aren't afraid to break the law and pave their own way to success. 

Dungeons and Dragons Online Launches VIP Loyalty Reward Program

Dungeons and Dragons Online is updating their existing VIP program alongside the current offers to add new benefits and rewards for their loyal fans and player base. 

Marvel Snap's Latest Balance Patch Shakes Up the Meta with Nerfs to Alioth and Zabu, Buffs to Strong Guy

Second Dinner released a doozy of a balance patch for Marvel Snap earlier this week, with a number of changes that have already shaken up the game's meta significantly.

Catch Up on All Things Homeworld with Homeworld 3's 'History of Homeworld' Cinematic

Gearbox Publishing and Blackbird Interactive released a new cinematic for Homeworld 3 earlier this week, hoping to catch players up on the series' story ahead of its release in May.

The Lord of the Rings Online Update 39.1.2 Unlocks Tier 4 of The Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo

Standing Stone Games released a new update for The Lord of the Rings Online's earlier this week and unlocked tier 4 of The Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo raid.