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Final Fantasy VII REBIRTH Hands-On Preview

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues the story of Cloud, Tifa, Aerith and the rest of the gang after their escapades in Midgar. How is it shaping up ahead of its February release? Here's our hands-on preview.

New World Has You Covered if You're Starting or Returning For Rise of the Angry Earth

With the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion launching October 3rd, New World has a new guide to let any new (or returning) players catch up on everything they need to know about Aeternum.

Brewfest Returns to World of Warcraft, With New Dragonflight Event Content This Year

Brewfest is back in World of Warcraft, this time with new event content from Dragonflight for the first time. The event is live today through October 6th and you can take part for some fun activities and prizes.

TourBox Elite Editing Controller Review

Are you a creator looking to improve your video editing workflow? The TourBox Elite Bluetooth Editing Controller might be the tool you've been waiting for. Find out in this review.

Lost Ark Debuts New Series of Jump-Start Guides and Details Today's New Ark Pass

The Lost Ark team has details on today's brand new Ark Pass and has recently introduced some guides to the new Jump-Start servers

Albion Online Details New Biomes, Personal Island and Farming Reworks Coming in Wild Blood Update

With the Wild Blood update set for October 16th, the Albion Online team has shared new details about the updates to islands and the farming rework on the way.

Star Citizen - Alpha 3.20: Fully Loaded Overhauls Arena Commander in a Big Way, Adds Ships, and New Mission

Star Citizen has just released Alpha 3.20, "Fully Loaded" and this is a big update, with new content, new maps, new ships, and a bunch of overhauls.

Tower of Fantasy Introduces Dancer, Secret Agent, and Flame Simulacrum, Fei Se

The next  simulacrum coming to Tower of Fantasy is Fei Se, a well-known dancer and a secret agent who gracefully wields flame powers using her lotus-shapedhttps://www.mmorpg.com/tower-of-fantasy weapon, Everlasting Bloom.

Diablo Immortal Dark Rebirth Update Adds Tristram Cathedral and New Team PvP

Tristram Cathedral is making its way into the next major Diablo Immortal update, Dark Rebirth. The update brings a new main quest, dungeon, new PvP mode, and even The Butcher drops by.

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Review In Progress

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty's expansion aims to bring a more contained spy thriller story to the sprawling RPG. But has CDPR succeeded? Check out our review in progress.

Land of the Morning Light and Woosa Awakening Coming to Black Desert Mobile September 26th

Black Desert Mobile  will finally get the Land Of The Morning Light expansion on September 26th. Along with the update, there will be a brand new season and Woosa Awakening.

DUNU Kima Classic Review: An Improved Refresh

Looking for stellar sound on a budget? The DUNU Kima Classic has the balance of bass and detail to make your music and games sound great Find out if it's worth $109.99 in this review!

Face the Lich King Himself When Icecrown Citadel Comes to Wrath of the Lich King Classic October 12th

On October 12th, face the Lich King himself as Icecrown Citadel opens in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Patch 3.4.3 will be live that week with new content.

Gigabyte RTX 4060 Gaming OC Review

At $319, the Gigabyte RTX 4060 Gaming OC brings another option for those players looking to upgrade their GPU from a preview generation while still not entirely breaking the bank.

Tarisland Showcases The Airborne City Of SilverLit In Latest Preview Post

Tarisland is gearing up for its launch, which is slated for later this year, and the latest post on the official website highlights the Airborne City of SilverLit.