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NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti SLI: Worth It With NVLink?

General - Hardware Reviews

The game has changed for SLI. With the RTX 20-series, NVIDIA seems to have reaffirmed their dedication to multi-GPU support with the introduction of NVLink. These new connectors offer more than 12x the bandwidth of last generations’ high-bandwidth bridges but the proof is in the pudding. We tested two 2080 Tis to find out. Read on to see the state of SLI at the start of this new generation.Posted Oct 17, 2018 by Christopher Coke

Rend Early Access Preview

Rend - Previews

Frostkeep Studios was founded in 2016 by several veteran game developers to create something new and entertaining. Their first offering to the world of video games is Rend. An open world survival type game with crafting, PvP, taming and classes focusing on teamwork and ranged fighting. This is our Rend review. Posted Oct 17, 2018 by David Holmes

The Writers’ Favorite MMOs - Part 3

General - Columns

We've got the third installment in fun new series today. We've asked each of the writers to submit their favorite three MMOs. Check out which ones have inspired Matt Keith and Mitch Gassner in today's edition.Posted Oct 17, 2018 by Staff

Wizard101: 5 Spooky Spiral Locations

Wizard101 - Columns

Halloween might be two weeks away, but Wizard101's parties are happening all month long. Though in-game meet-ups are typically held in castles or popular world hubs, I thought I'd share some more uncommon "spooky" spiral locations that could work as event backdrops. Posted Oct 17, 2018 by Vanessa Mythdust

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Review - A Tremendous First Effort

General - Columns

I will not get tired of saying that the last couple of years have been golden for any fan of classic-inspired cRPGs, myself included. Between Obsidian’s Tyranny and PoE2: Deadfire and Larian’s Divinity 2: Original Sin, gamers were able to visit beautiful fantasy worlds and dive right into a variety of problems. It is time for Pathfinder: Kingmaker to join that list. Posted Oct 16, 2018 by Catherine Daro

Dying Light: Bad Blood But It’s The Only Blood I Have… err Had...

Dying Light - Columns

In a dead city filled with terrors, you and eleven other desperate individuals are airdropped and stranded with nothing but what you can scavenge from dilapidated buildings and trains. Given only one route to survival, you must make your way quickly through the dangerous landscape to fulfill your mission; and that does not include making friends. This is our Dying Light: Bad Blood review.Posted Oct 16, 2018 by Paul Eno

Logitech G502 HERO High-Performance Gaming Mouse Review

General - Hardware Reviews

When you find something that works well, why fix what isn’t broken? That is probably what people were asking Logitech when they told us they were going to release a new version of their G502 gaming mouse this year. Well, change they did, but is it for the better? Let’s find out in our review of the Logitech G502 HERO Gaming Mouse.Posted Oct 16, 2018 by Christopher Bowman

Bowman’s Battle Royale Corner Featuring Ring of Elysium

General - Previews

It is a full on warzone out there now! You head down the mountain as quick as you can and stop at a house that sits at its base. When you walk inside there are guns laying all over the place. You pick one up and prepare to defend yourself as you hear a radio message that a storm is coming, and the local rescue chopper is coming to get people out quickly. These are our first impressions for Ring of Elysium.Posted Oct 16, 2018 by Christopher Bowman

Arozzi Arena Leggero Gaming Desk Review

General - Hardware Reviews

Choosing a desk is a bigtime commitment. It is something you’ll use every day, and you want it to be reliable, sturdy, and maybe have a unique feature or two. But what if you’re limited on space? Well, the desk you may be looking for is the Arozzi Arena Leggero and this is our official review.Posted Oct 15, 2018 by Christopher Bowman

Fallout 76: C.A.M.P and Why it’s Important

Fallout 76 - Columns

This week in our preparation for Fallout 76 we are going to take a look at the CAMP system. Fallout 4 introduced a great new system to the game in building up your resources and protecting a specific area on the map. The game even programmed attacks against your outpost and also connected with various factions or traders that would visit your area. With Fallout 76 going online, these ideas will become more popular than ever and in Fallout 76 you will take your CAMP with you. Posted Oct 15, 2018 by Garrett Fuller

Not So MMO: Starlink Review in Progress

General - Columns

Every so often, there comes along a game you don’t think is going to capture your attention. Then you play it, and several hours later, you realize that you’ve been completely sucked in. That’s Starlink: Battle for Atlas, from Ubisoft. Due out this week on just about every platform, I’ve been playing the sci-fi open-universe epic and loving every minute of it.Posted Oct 15, 2018 by William Murphy

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas PC Gaming Headset Review

General - Hardware Reviews

Turtle Beach is a name that most console gamers are extremely familiar with and through proximity PC gamers as well. The thing is they aren’t a common PC brand when it comes to headset solutions but tdhey’re aiming to change that with the new Atlas line. Aimed at gamers seeking esport performance we take a look at the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas PC Gaming Headset.Posted Oct 14, 2018 by Robert Baddeley

October 13th, 2018 Weekly Newsletter

General - Newsletters

In Issue 638 of the Newsletter, we look at Runescape and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Oct 13, 2018 by Michael Bitton

The Maestros Review - a Symphony of Steampunk & Alchemical Battle

General - Columns

What if we could evolve the RTS platform a bid, harmonize the melody with just the right notes to enliven the old tunes in such a way it might catch your attention again? Maybe it can be done. And maybe a small indie development team like Systence Games is just the one to do it and The Maestros is just the instrument to do it with.Posted Oct 13, 2018 by Paul Eno

HyperX Predator RGB DDR4-3200 (32GB)

General - Hardware Reviews

At PAX West I got my first look at HyperX’s Predator RGB RAM kit and was blown away by it’s vibrance, style and infrared synchronization technology. Couple that with a variety of speeds from 2933 to 4000 and we are looking at a serious competitor in the RGB RAM market. In this review we’ll take a closer look at the real world performance to see if the HyperX Predator DDR4 Kit is the right fit for your next build or upgrade.Posted Oct 12, 2018 by Robert Baddeley

Neverwinter – Is Ravenloft Worth the Return?

Neverwinter - Columns

The latest update to Neverwinter delves into familiar territory to Dungeon & Dragons fans of old. Ravenloft gives players of the game a chance to travel to Barovia and eventually face off against Strahd himself! Will this live up to memories of old or simply be as thin as mists in the forest? This is our Neverwinter: Ravenloft review.Posted Oct 12, 2018 by David Holmes

Returning to Guild Wars 2 – Returning Player Priorities

Guild Wars 2 - Columns

Over my past several articles I’ve spent time outlining the classes and delved into players handling their inventory. Now we will head into the meat and potatoes, outlining some of the massive changes ArenaNet has added over the years for end-game play, while helping players prioritize what may interest them most upon returning, and when they may need to employ new tactics on the battlefield. Warning returning players, there be tough decision ahead!Posted Oct 12, 2018 by Steven Weber

Elder Scrolls Online: Rich Lambert Talks Murkmire

Elder Scrolls Online - Interviews

Murkmire is just around the corner as the next chapter in the Elder Scrolls Online saga. We had the chance to chat with Creative Director Rich Lambert about the lore behind the game and the importance of visiting some of the lesser-known regions of the world and much more.Posted Oct 12, 2018 by William Murphy

Razer Blackwidow Elite Mechanical Keyboard Review

General - Hardware Reviews

Razer has served up another reimaging of one of their most popular products, this time with the Razer Blackwidow Elite. Of the many improvements on offer, you can expect the usual flashy RGB that Razer is known for, but also Hypershift key rebinding for unlimited macros, and so much more. The model we were sent features patented Razer Green switches that are rich with clicky goodness, but is it truly Elite? Posted Oct 11, 2018 by David Holmes

Final Fantasy XIV: The Alpha and the Omega

Final Fantasy XIV - Columns

At long last, it’s time to take the fight to Omega in the Alphascape. The sentient super-weapon that dispatched Shinryu and chased Midgardsormr to Hydaelyn is ready to take on the Warrior of Light in the final tier of the eponymous raid series. It’s been a hell of a journey since we first scuffled with Exdeath in the summer of last year, but the end is within reach if you can handle the challenge. (Expect some mild spoilers.)Posted Oct 11, 2018 by Michael O’Connell-Davidson

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