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With Three Simultaneous FFXIV Gold Saucer Events, It's A Great Time To Grind MGP

There are currently three Final Fantasy 14 events that give you bonuses for playing Gold Saucer events--here's how to make it rain.

Ubisoft Releases Skull & Bones Season 2 Patch Notes and Trailer, Announces Upcoming Free Trial

Players can jump into Skull & Bones Season 2 with a free trial coming later in May.

North American FFXIV Players: Your Bill May Go Up Once Sales Tax Kicks In

Starting in late June, just before the Dawntrail Expansion, Square Enix will start charging sales tax on digital purchases, including for subscriptions.

Star Citizen Shows Off Drake Ironclad, Its Upcoming Anticipated Armored Freighter

Cloud Imperium team has released a video showing off the latest mid-size cargo ship, the Drake Ironclad.

Indie MMO Spotlight: That Time Of The Month

This week, everyone posted their monthly dev update, Nightingale went offline, and a solo developer calls it quits.

Developer Crema Shows What's to Come in Temtem's Final Season

Temtem's patch 1.7, launching in early June, brings a plethora of new content and updates to enhance the game. The new, and final season will also bring an arcade bar, new gear and techniques and much more.

Uvalde Families Sue Activision, Meta, Manufacturer For Marketing AR-15 Style Gun To Shooter

Several families whose children were killed in the Uvalde shooting have sued Meta, alleging its Instagram and Activision subsidiaries 'conditioned' the shooter.

MMO Launch Spotlight: Vikings and Saiyans Top This Week's List

Are you ready for this week's MMO releases? We have three games this week that are outside of the norm. Here's our short list of MMO launches this week!

Captain America Gets his Groove Back in Marvel Snap's Latest Balance Patch

Captain America gets his groove back in Marvel Snap's latest balance patch.

Tarisland Introduces Bard In New Overview Video

In its latest Tarisland video, Level Infinite showed off the capabilities of its Bard class--which will have both healing and damage tracks.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Reflects on Seasons, Hanggore Raid, and the Mid-Season Update

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is already almost at the middle of Season 3, The Land of Blood and Snow, and the latest dev update is centered around Hanngore and what's coming in the mid-Season patch in early June.

BitCraft Devs Recap Lessons From Alpha 1, Look Ahead to Second Test Next Month

The BitCraft team shares what they learned from the first closed alpha test, a look ahead to when we can expect the next test

Lost Ark's New Western-Exclusive Cosmetics Let You Become Magical Girl or Boy

The Magickal Enchanter Collection, exclusive to Western Lost Ark players, dropped as part of its "Chaos Rising" May Update.

Wuthering Waves Is Live, But Not Without Its Fair Share Of Issues

The open-world title Wuthering Waves has launched, but a few initial bugs prevented players from signing in.  

Preview Gold Road's New 12-Player Trial, Lucent Citadel, and New World Event, Mirrormoor Incursions

The Lucent Citadel and Mirrormoor Incursions are two of the features coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in Gold Road. The first is a new 12-player Trial, while the Mirrormoor Incursions are the newest world event.