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ARK: Survival Evolved Valguero Map Announcement Trailer

Studio Wildcard has sent out a brand new video to introduce a new, free map coming to ARK: Survival Evolved. Called Valguero, the map was created during a recent contest and will be released on Tuesday, June 18th to all ARK players.

ARK: Homestead - Structures and Kibble Rework

ARK: Survival Evolved has been updated to bring the new Homestead update online. According to developers, it brings improved structures and placement options alongside a number of new construction pieces such as triangle floors, half-walls, angled pieces and more.

ARK: Extinction Launches for PlayStation 4 & XBox One

Console ARK: Survival Evolved players can now head into the game to check out the newest content from Extinction. Players will find a new map and a complete story line to adventure through as well as literally tons of new creatures to tame. Players will also be able to hunt down massive Titans that roam the surface of the planet and that dwarf even the most fearsome dinosaur in a player's arsenal.

ARK: Extinction Expansion Pack Launches on Steam

The ARK: Survival Evolved story began on Earth and with the launch of the Extinction expansion, adventurers return to where they began. Extinction brings a new map, one that features a ruined planet infested with "Element-corrupted creatures".

Extinction Expansion Announced, Heading Your Way in November

Studio Wildcard has sent out a brand new trailer for the next ARK: Survival Evolved expansion, Extinction. Players will be sent out to conquer the ultimate challenge by defeating roaming Titans that dominate the planet. "Complete the ARK cycle to save Earth's future".

Mobile Version Incoming - Hunt Your Dinos on the Go

Studio Wildcard has sent out this brand new trailer announcing that ARK: Survival Evolved is heading to mobile devices. The mobile version has been developed War Drum Studios, with the game being "based on the genre-defining adventure from PC and console".

Launch Trailer Preps Fans for August 29th

With the imminent release of ARK: Survival Evolved, Studio Wildcard has sent out the game's official launch trailer. Sure, you'll see dinosaurs and players and lots of vegetation but nothing will prepare you for the CUTENESS of prehistoric otters (with a bang)! <3

Hyaenodon, Megatherium, Megalania, Hesperornis, Yutyrannus, and More!

If you can easily pronounce all of those, you're "DINO"mite! ARK: Survival Evolved has been updated with the latest patch that brings a number of new dinos into the game among other things. With this update, ARK now features 100 creatures have been added to the base game, not including bosses, events, or specialized variants!

Latest Console Update Adds New Underwater Locations & Dinos!

ARK: Survival Evolved has updated both the PlayStation 4 and XBox One versions of the game to bring them in line with the PC version. v253 brings underwater locations and caverns into the game as well as more than a few new dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Snail Games Teases Ark Park Coming in 2017

Snail Games has released a new trailer to show off Ark Park, a virtual reality experience based on ARK: Survival Evolved. In addition, the new teaser site is up that is an awful lot of fun to browse through as well.