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Was There An MMO That Ever Surprised You With How Much You Liked It?

Every once in a while we start to play a game that we don't think will be our cup of tea, only to realize just how much we enjoyed it in the end. MMOs can be the same way. Was there ever an MMO you didn't think you'd like, but somehow were surprised by just how much you enjoyed it in the end?

Ark: Survival Evolved - Extinction - Review In Progress Part 1

It’s that waking moment that reminds me where I am. Alien sounds seep into my consciousness as sunlight streaks into my eyes. My forearm itches like fury due to some implanted foreign tech, but it’s the only possession I have. The island jungle may have been traded for an urban one, but this is still Ark: Survival Evolved. Only this time, we’re heading to Extinction.

Adventures in Dino-Land

An island that time forgot, or some sinister experiment from the future? In the first entry in a new column, Gareth Harmer explores the world of ARK: Survival Evolved.