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ARK: Survival Evolved Articles

Adventures in Dino-Land

An island that time forgot, or some sinister experiment from the future? In the first entry in a new column, Gareth Harmer explores the world of ARK: Survival Evolved.

No Room at the Inn or Anywhere Else For XBox One Players

There's no question that ARK: Survival Evolved is a hugely popular title for XBox One players. One only has to look at the fact that most PvE and PvP servers are packed to the rafters, nearly 400 combined. With that in mind, today's patch deployment to bring XB1 up to the same version as PC also comes with the announcement that more servers are incoming.

$60k Mod Contest Announced with Dung Beetles!

Well, not exactly -- the two received love today on the ARK: Survival Evolved forums however. Creative types will want to take note of the new $60,000 Mod Contest with three distinct categories: Mods, Maps and Total Conversions. Modders can use the ARK Dev Kit to make amazing mods for the game.

Forget Times Square - Head into Game for a Chance at a 'Roo

ARK: Survival Evolved players should just scrap any pending plans for New Year's Eve with today's announcement that the annual ball will drop from the skies, burst open when it hits the ground and spew forth goodies for all survivors including, if one is lucky, a chance at a prehistoric kangaroo!

A Huge Hit on XBox with Over 1M Downloads in Under a Week

ARK: Survival Evolved is a huge hit on XBox with over a million downloads of the dinosaur-infested survival title. In a new post on XBox.com, Jess Rapczak, Co-Founder & Co-Creative Director at Studio Wildcard, also revealed some of the forthcoming plans in the months between now and the official launch. The community can expect regular updates that include high-demand features, gamepad customization, UI improvements, game mode tweaks and much more.

Winter Wonderland Arrives for Survivors

Dinosaurs with Santa hats? Festive holiday decorations? Snow? Christmas trees? Yep, survivors can enjoy them all with the arrival of the ARK: Survival Evolved Winter Wonderland celebration. A video speaks a thousand words. Check out the one below!

XBox One Version to Feature Local Split Screen Coop

Studio Wildcard has announced that the XBox One version of ARK: Survival Evolved will feature local split screen cooperative action. It won't, however, be available for tomorrow's release but will be patched into the game in early 2016.

XBox One Version to Arrive on December 16th

XBox One owners who've been looking to get their hands on ARK: Survival Evolved will be cheered to hear that December 16th is the day to mark on the calendar.

Xbox One Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Get a look at how the popular open-world dinosaur-hunting survival game is looking on Xbox One.

This Ain't No Easter Bunny - Oviraptor Claws Way Into Game

Small but ferocious and most of all sneaky, the Oviraptor has joined ARK: Survival Evolved. Ovi is a wily and agile hunter who seeks out the eggs of others to return to his master in order to boost the mating speed of allied dinosaurs. See this little fella in action in the video below.

Thanksgiving Event Begins - Time to Talk Turkey

ARK: Survival Evolved players are invited to take part in a Thanksgiving event in game that begins today and will run through December 1st. Players can check out the Turkey Trials where they are challenged to hunt and find Super Turkeys that have been released throughout the game world.

Spotlight: Compsognathus!

While the Compsognathus is one of the of the smallest predators on the island, ARK Survivors should pay close attention to its behavior, movements, and numbers. Alone, Compys are unafraid of humans and are neither dangerous nor aggressive which makes it an ideal pet that is curious and attentive to human endeavors and their tools. In larger packs, however, the diminutive little creature remembers its carnivorous nature. When a group of Compsognathus congregate, they intuitively transform int

XBox One Release 'Imminent'

In the latest ARK: Survival Evolved digest posted to the game's Steam page, the team announced that the XBox One release is "imminent". There is no word on other console versions, but this is pretty exciting news!

Of Penguins & Lantern Fish

Never one to let players rest easy in a world of survival of the fittest action, ARK: Survival Evolved developers are treating players to an interesting pair of new additions to the bestiary in the form of a prehistoric penguin and a deep sea angler fish, Melanocetus Anglerpescum.

Leaving Big Footprints - Giganotosaurus Joins Up

ARK: Survival Evolved players will want to watch out for the newest denizen in the form of Giganotosaurus. After all, who wants to become so much splat on this mega-saurus's foot?