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ARK: Survival Evolved Articles

Massive New Map, The Center, Deployed

ARK: Survival Evolved has deployed a new map called The Center. It is the first user-created mod to be added to the game after the recent announcement of the Official Mods Program. The Center more than doubles the game size and is, according to the Steam blog post, a stunning location filled with great lighting effects, mountains, misty floating islands and much more.

Great Ape Arena, a Trio of New Dinos, Tribe Updates & More

ARK: Survival Evolved has been updated yet again with three new dinosaurs, some new Tribe features and a new primitive weapon.

Official Mods Program To Launch In May

The ARK: Survival Evolved team has announced that it will be continuing to support the efforts of modding community with the release of the Official Mods Program, starting in May 2016. The first map to be released using the new program will be called The Center. The new tools will be fully integrated into the ARK system and will be available both for Xbox One and PC users.

Survival of the Fittest Headed to PS4 This Summer

PlayStation 4 ARK players looking for competitive game play represented by ARK: Survival of the Fittest will not have to wait much longer. Studio Wildcard has announced that the PlayStation 4 version of the eSports title will be starting on July 19th.

New Structures, Creatures & Boss Arena Added

ARK: Survival Evolved has been updated with some nifty new things for players to check out. Two new structures have been added: the Chemistry Table and Primitive Cannon. The Broodmother boss arena is also now in game and two new critters are also included: Direbears and the Manta. Check out the video below for an overview of the latest big update to ARK: Survival Evolved.

Trendy Prevails, Settlement Reached with Ark's Stieglitz

Trendy and Ark: Survival Evolved Studio, Wildcard, have announced that a settlement has been reached in the lawsuit filed earlier this year claiming that Jeremy Stieglitz, on leaving Trendy, violated the terms of his severance with the company.

Survival of the Fittest Arrives on SteamOS, Mac & Linux

Mac, Linux and SteamOS users will be happy to hear that ARK: Survival of the Fittest is now available and features seamless online cross play regardless of platform. Survival of the Fittest is free to all players who can seek glory in the Survivor League.

Extinction Event Servers Added to XBox One Version

The v733.0 update has been added to the XBox One version of ARK: Survival Evolved that brings a unique feature into the game called 'extinction event servers'. Extinction servers are separate from the main game servers. When extinction servers are enabled, players begin at level one and have a month to grow their characters with badges awarded at various milestones along the way. At month's end, a meteor hits and all is destroyed.

Two New Cave Dungeons + Easter Event Added

ARK: Survival Evolved has grown again with the addition of two new "cave-dungeons", Swamp and Snow Caves. These dungeons are for higher level survivors, feature tough battles, high-end loot and clues about the origin of ARK.

Lawsuit Alleges WildCard Dev Violated Terms of Severance

Trendy Entertainment, developer of Dungeon Defenders, filed a lawsuit late last year against Studio Wildcard, developer of ARK: Survival Evolved. According to documentation, Trendy accuses former employee Jeremy Stieglitz of using proprietary tech developed during his tenure with the company and that several employees have been 'poached' from Trendy to work for Studio Wildcard since he left in 2014.

UPDATE: Hunger Games Like MOSA Announced

With today's ARK: Survival Evolved live stream just a few hours away, the team is teasing its players with "Mysterious Mysteries: GIGAntic Expectations" seemingly in reference to a robotic Gigantasurus shown in the image below.

Hot Dam! Beavers & Handcuffs Added

The ARK: Survival Evolved team has released the latest update to the game that includes the new giant Beaver that can, as would be expected, build dams, harvest and carry wood, act as a mobile crafting station and swim. In addition, players can get hold of handcuffs to keep enemies and prisoners don't escape.

XBox One Update Brings Split-Screen Multiplayer & More

Studio Wildcard has announced that the XBox One version of ARK: Survival Evolved has been updated to bring split-screen multiplayer into the game along side three new dinosaurs, beer crafting and more.

Grappling Hooks, Tribe Alliances & More Added in New Update

The latest ARK: Survival Evolved update has been deployed that bring a number of neat features on board including the addition of grappling hooks that will fundamentally change the way the game is played by lucky owners.

Latest Update Sends You for a Ride on a Gallimimus

Among other nifty new stuff added in the latest ARK: Survival Evolved Steam update, players can check out the new three-seater Gallimimus mount. In addition, players can learn more about the Electric Prod Stunner, check out the greenhouse tileset and the new Swat-style armor.