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ARK: Survival Evolved Articles

ARK: Extinction Launches for PlayStation 4 & XBox One

Console ARK: Survival Evolved players can now head into the game to check out the newest content from Extinction. Players will find a new map and a complete story line to adventure through as well as literally tons of new creatures to tame. Players will also be able to hunt down massive Titans that roam the surface of the planet and that dwarf even the most fearsome dinosaur in a player's arsenal.

ARK: Extinction Expansion Pack Launches on Steam

The ARK: Survival Evolved story began on Earth and with the launch of the Extinction expansion, adventurers return to where they began. Extinction brings a new map, one that features a ruined planet infested with "Element-corrupted creatures".

ARK: Survival Evolved Headed to Nintendo Switch on November 30th

On November 30th, you'll be able to take your dinosaur hunting on the road when ARK: Survival Evolved is released on Nintendo Switch. Players will be able to "team up with hundreds of other players online or enjoy a solo Jurassic experience".

ARK: Survival Evolved to Launch Conquest PvP Servers

Studio Wildcard has announced that it is preparing to launch official PvP "Conquest" servers. Up to 100 players will be able to take part and tribes will be "maxed out" at 25 Survivors. Players will also find some good reasons to play on Conquest servers with their 2X rates of taming, gathering, and experience. The Conquest Servers will be ready to go on Steam starting Friday, September 28th and at a later date for XBox One and PlayStation 4.

New Modding Contest Announced for ARK: Survival Evolved

Modding types will be interested to hear that a new contest has been announced for ARK: Survival Evolved. This is the third modding contest sponsored by Studio Wildcard, this time with a Grand Prize of $15,000. Modders can submit their work which will be assessed by developers (70% of the final score) and, later, sent to a public vote (30% of the score).

Extinction Expansion Announced, Heading Your Way in November

Studio Wildcard has sent out a brand new trailer for the next ARK: Survival Evolved expansion, Extinction. Players will be sent out to conquer the ultimate challenge by defeating roaming Titans that dominate the planet. "Complete the ARK cycle to save Earth's future".

Mobile Version Arrives for iOS and Android Devices Today

If you're looking for survival dino-hunting on the go, look no further than today's launch of ARK: Survival Evolved for mobile devices. The game will be available for both iOS and Android devices and will feature the same immersive gameplay as its bigger sibling on PC and other devices.

iOS and Android Versions to Launch on June 14th

War Drum Studios and Studio Wildcard have announced that the mobile version of ARK: Survival Evolved will be launching on June 14th. The iOS and Android game features "the same multiplayer game loved on XBox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac and Linux" and a brand new mobile interface and specialized control setup.

Take Your Dino-Huntin' Self On the Road When Ark Comes to Switch

Studio Wildcard has announced that ARK: Survival Evolved is heading to Nintendo Switch in Fall 2018. During today's GDC, the audience got a look at the game running on Switch. Studio Wildcard worked in conjunction with Abstraction Games to bring the game to Switch.

Mobile Version Incoming - Hunt Your Dinos on the Go

Studio Wildcard has sent out this brand new trailer announcing that ARK: Survival Evolved is heading to mobile devices. The mobile version has been developed War Drum Studios, with the game being "based on the genre-defining adventure from PC and console".

#MateBoosted Event & TLC Phase 1 Update Launched

ARK: Survival Evolved has had the first part of the Tender Loving Care update applied to servers. TLC brings the #MateBoosted where tames have a chance to drop Chocolate Cake when they mate....um....how or from where remains unknown. These can be used to heal or advance the pet's taming affinity bar. In addition, red, white and pink critters are roaming in the world "searching for true love's kiss".

ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass DLC Sweepstakes!

MMORPG.com has been given 50 "Season Pass" DLC Steam Keys for ARK: Survival Evolved! These keys will *not* give access to the base game but rather access to the Scorched Earth and the recently released Aberration expansions. In addition it will unlock the next DLC released! Enter for a chance to win one of these keys valued at $19.99!

Aberration Launches with New Underground Biome

Studio Wildcard has sent word that ARK: Survival Evolved will be updated today with the Aberration content expansion. Players will have a new underground biome to explore that is packed with new flora and fauna. There are new creatures to tame including a "chameleon like" Rock Drake. There are 50+ new items to craft and new challenges to defeat.

Studio Wildcard Announces Aberration Expansion for October

Studio Wildcard is fresh off this week's launch of ARK: Survival Evolved but it's not resting on its laurels. Earlier today, the team introduced the game's next expansion called "Aberration" that is set to be released in October.

Launch Day Arrives with New Content

Today's a big day for ARK: Survival Evolved as it has achieved official launch status after two years in Early Access. As part of the momentous occasion, a ton of new content has been added to the game including a new soundtrack by well-known composer Gareth Coker, the Ragnarok free expansion DLC, an actual storyline including an end-game boss and two new critters (Otter today and Phoenix later this week).