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ArchLord Articles

Four City Tournament

The folks at Archlord will be holding a PvP event starting Friday January 23rd and running until Sunday February 1st.

New Hardcore PvP Server

The folks at Archlord have announced that they'll be launching a new server with a special hardcore PvP rule set.

Double the Fun Weekend

The folks at Archlord have announced that they will be holding a double the fun weekend, where players earn double experience and drops.

New PvP Server

The folks at Archlord have announced that they will be opening a new server with the PvP rule set.

Episode 3: Spirits Awakening Trailer

The folks at Archlord have released a new video which shows off some of the new skills, terrains, and opponents of Episode 3: Spirits Awakening, the game's latest expansion.

Episode 3 Free Expansion Screens

The folks from Archlord have provided us with these new screenshots from the Episode 3 update to the game. Below the images, you will find a press release with some details of the free expansion.

Frozen Infinity Armor Preview

The folks at Codemasters are showing off some of the new armor sets that will be released with Episode 3: Spirits Awakening for Archlord.

Episode 3: Spirits Awakening

The folks at Archlord have prepared new information about Episode 3: Spirits Awakening, which reveals Spirit Realms hidden from mortal sight, along with a wide array of new skills, new armor sets, and more.

Episode 3 Artwork

The folks at Codemasters have been kind enough to provide us with these new pieces of concept art from Episode 3 of their MMORPG, ArchLord.

The Ancient Tournament of Trilgard

The folks at Archlord have announced the Ancient Tournament of Trilgard, a GM run PvP tournament that will be running throughout July.

500,000th Player

Codemasters has announced that Archlord has reached the half million mark with its 500,000th player.

Pets Update

The folks at Codemasters have announced the addition of several new pets that are as cute as they are deadly to Archlord.

IP Blocking System

Codemasters have announced that they have implemented an IP blocking system which will block access to Archlord and RF Online for players in countries not covered by Codemasters.

Double Drops, Double Experience

The folks at Archlord have announced a series of double drop and double experience events throughout the month of February.

An Archlord Christmas

Christmas is coming to Archlord, and Codemasters has announced the Christmas events, including gifts, a new quest, and a tree in each town.