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ArchLord Articles

Archlord Manga Contest

Codemasters has announced that they will be holding a contest to give away 25 copies of the second volume of the ArchLord Manga from TokyoPop. But beware, entrants will be required to answer a skill testing question to be eligible to win.

Double XP, Double Drop Weekend

Codemasters has announced that Archlord players will benefit from double experience and double drops starting Friday and continuing until Monday afternoon.

New Server

Codemasters Online has announced that they have added a new server, dubbed Evengarda, to their free to play MMO, ArchLord. They have also announced that they will be holding an in-game treasure hunt to kick off the new server.

"Ben X" Wins Awards

"Ben X" the Belgian film which features scences from Archlord has won several awards at the Montreal Film Festival, including the Public Award for the most popular film of the Festival.

First Archlords Crowned

Codemasters has announced that earlier this week the first two Archlords have won their crowns. Congratulations to Icecube of Genesis and Hellmaster of EyesofWar.

"100% Free"

Codemasters has announced that on top of Archlord being a free-to-play game, they are now making the download of the client available for players at no cost.

Get Your Free Game Key Here!

MMORPG.com and Codemasters have partnered to allow you access to get into and play Archlord free FOREVER! Nothing is needed to begin, just your MMORPG.com account!

Become the Archlord, Win a Suit of Armor

Codemasters has announced that the battle to become Archlord has begun. And if prestige, special powers, and an in-game castle of your very own weren't enough incentive, Codemasters has announced that the first player to be crowned Archlord will receive a life-sized suit of Armour.

Credit Increase

Codemasters has announced an increase in the amount of credits that players will receive when they purchase the retail version of the game.

New Graphic Novel

The good people over at Codemasters have announced the release of their second ArchLord graphic novel. Done in a Manga style and created by TOKYOPOP, the novel is based on ArchLord lore.

Archlord Featured in Belgian Film

The fantasy MMO Archlord is being featured in a Belgian film about a man with autism who is teased and mistreated by his peers because of his autism, and who find solace in the world of Archlord where he is a hero.

20K Chantra Bank Holiday Tournament

If you're observing Memorial Day in the US, the Bank Holiday in the UK, or Victoria Day in Canada, this weekend is a long weekend. To honor this multinational long weekend, Archlord is holding the 20k Chantra Tournament from May 26th to the 28th, where there will be foes to fight and prizes to be won.

Archlord Increases Drop Rate

The folks over at Archlord have announced a permanent 30% increase in drops in response to positive public feedback received after their most recent double drop weekend.

Double Drop Days

This weekend Archlord will be holding a double item drop event where monsters will drop twice as much loot. The event runs from Saturday May 5th to Monday May 7th.

Metaboli Adds ArchLord To Service

Metaboli and Codemasters announce on demand service for ArchLord.