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Closed Beta for Archlord 2 to Kick Off June 17th

Fans of the upcoming Archlord 2 will want to head to the official site to sign up for beta testing. The first round of the CBT is scheduled to kick off on Tuesday, June 17th.

Reveals Character Archetypes, Skills and Combat System

Publisher/developer Webzen this week revealed details about its upcoming fantasy free-to-play MMO Archlord II. In its weapon-based, "classless class system", players can take on any combat role represented by various archetypes. The game will also feature "chained" skills.

Beta Preregistration Begins for ArchLord II

Webzen has announced that it is accepting pre-registrations for the upcoming ArchLord II beta. Players can sign up using their Facebook profiles or by using their existing gPotato.eu, gPotato.com or Webzen.com accounts.

Sequel's Preregistration for Closed Beta Begins

Players interested in trying out Webzen's Archlore II will want to head to the official site to preregister for the closed beta set to begin in the very near future.

Server Merges at the End of the Month

Webzen has announced that a pair of ArchLord servers will be merging on January 30th. The Xian and Gracia servers will be combined as a direct result of player feedback and to revitalize the siege warfare.

The Dark Revelation Announced

Webzen has announced that ArchLord will be expanding soon. Called "The Dark Revelation", the expansion will bring a major new feature on board in the form of the Shrine system. Shrine battles require cooperative teamwork to defeat other groups of players. Winners will earn Shrine Coins for successful wins.

World Guild Championship Detailed

Webzen has laid out its plans for the Archlord World Guild Championship that is scheduled to begin on June 11th with a final purse of $10,000. Teams can register now and opponents will be revealed on June 4th.

Webzen Game Portal Overhauled

Webzen has sent word that the company's game portal site has been completely overhauled to bring new and better functionality to the site. In addition, Webzen let us know that a large content update is incoming for ArchLord.

Battle Square Dungeon Overhauled

Webzen has announced that the popular ArchLord dungeon, Battle Square, has been completely overhauled and will be released today, Tuesday, December 20th.

G-Star Interview

GStar has kicked off in a big way this week and MMORPG.com's Richard Aihoshi will be there gathering news for our readers. As part of his prep-work for the convention, Richard had the opportunity to chat with S.J. Hong and Robin Lee of the ArchLord team about the game, where it's been and what the future holds. Read on!

The Grand Cross is Coming

Webzen has announced that ArchLord has been overhauled and will be expanding soon with the arrival of The Grand Cross. The expansion will be free for players and devs are adding a new PvP system called The Battle Ground where players can participate in massive Race vs Race wars.

Opens New Server, Adds Buddy System

Webzen has announced that ArchLord has opened a new server, signaling that the game has experienced a certain amount of growth since its changeover from Codemasters last year. The new server, dubbed Gracia, can be transferred to free of charge, and also offer significant incentives such as an over 200% boost to both experience and item/gold drop rates . Additionally, Webzen will be launching a buddy system that allows you to link up with a buddy and earn rewards for clearing content.

"Chaotic Frontier" Expansion Announced

Webzen has announced a new expansion for their free-to-play MMOG, ArchLord. The new expansion, which is called Episode 4: Chaotic Frontier, will feature an eponymous new dungeon system, six new playing fields, new armor complete with unique stats, as well as new monsters and boss encounters.

Returns to Life with New Class

As we reported in the beginning of September, ArchLord was to be shut down due to the fact Codemasters was unable to renew their license to operate the game in North American and European territories. Since then, the game has officially relaunched under the Webzen banner and has returned to eager fans with the addition of a new class: the Swashbuckler. The Swashbuckler is a female-only melee class whose head is inexplicably adorned with a pair of rabbit ears.

NA & European Version to Shut Down

In an announcement made today on the official ArchLord website, we've learned that the North American and European versions of ArchLord will be shutting down on Friday, October 2nd, 2009. The inability for Codemasters to negotiate a renewal of the licensing contract from NHN Korea to continue operating the game is stated as the reason behind the shut down. Starting on October 3rd, 2009, ArchLord will be operated by Webzen in the west, and a transition FAQ is now available.