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Exclusive Pre-GStar Interview

By Richard Aihoshi on November 07, 2011 | Interviews | Comments

Exclusive Pre-GStar Interview

To start with the basics, what is Archlord X: The Chronicles about? What's the core concept, and what differentiates this game from other MMOGs? How is it related to the original Archlord, and to ArchLord 2?

Sung Jin Hong:

Archlord X is about a story that happened a hundred years ago, right after Archlord, and the concept of this game is PvP between races. The contents were created mainly on PvP between races, and players can experience large-scale RvR that they can't from other MMORPGs.

Archlord X and Archlord are connected by their world view and the storyline. Archlord is more focused on guild PvP, and ArchlordX is a large scale PvP between races. Archlord2 is tied to Archlord X with same world view and storyline, Regardless of their connection, the three titles are considered different games, and have different game play.


When did development of ArchLord X begin, and what is the current status? Why did you make the unusual decision to launch global service instead of starting with the domestic Korean version?

Sung Jin Hong:

We started development of Archlord X in January of 2010. The development concept is to target Archlord global users who highly value and passionate about the game. Currently, we are working our hardest to launch in early 2012.

How long has Archlord been in service in North America, how successful has it been, and how will Archlord X move the franchise forward?

Paul Doo:

Service in North America has been going for six years. Gamers in North America highly value the game, and it's successful in game industy. Within these six years, we've received feedbacks and advices from our users. The purpose of producing Archlord X is to appreciate and respond to our users in North America.

Archlord X has some special features that weren't included in Archlord, such as large-scale RvR , honor content, hero system, etc. So, we've incorporated those and user feedback to improve the game.

How would you introduce and summarize the overall setting in which ArchLord X and its story will take place?

Sung Jin Hong:

The storyline of Archlord X is based on an ending story in Archlord that happened a hundred years ago. It started with human suppressing the Orcs, who changed to blood Orcs. ArchlordX begins with the Orc counterattack.

There is also a new story we will reveal in the next update. It's about the war between the humans and Orcs. Secret and future plans will be revealed one at a time, and the story will be structured by the return of Rensphere Castle, Archlord and his factions. There will be more storytelling about different races, such as the final battle between the race to become superior ruler of Archlord, and the guild tournament to obtain more power and shrine items.

What have you tried to accomplish in terms of the game's art direction? What's most notable about the overall visual look and style?

Sung Jin Hong:

The continent of ArchlordX is dominated by the Human Monarch and the Blood Orc. The atmosphere of each race is totally different. The area of the Human Monarch is created with an empire style, and the humans are gathered in the empire city, Tullan. There's also a middle ages-like atmosphere.

The area of the Blood Orc has poor atmosphere and cold weather. The city of Trilgard has been created with dark and rugged atmosphere. Also, at the Shrine War, both parties create a very strange atmosphere. The overall atmosphere of ArchlordX is based on conflict between the races, and the combat area located in the middle is considered as a core part in the game.

What options will players have when creating their characters? How much differentiation will be available in both abilities and visual customization?

Sung Jin Hong:

There is a gender system in the game. It allows you to select three classes per race. Depending on its class, a character has a different attacking skill and role, so each class will be important to use effectively, especially in group combat. In our closed beta, there are 33 styles of faces and hair, and there will be special styles for global users.

What type of advancement system did you decide to put into Archlord X? Will there be much scope for players to make different choices?

Sung Jin Hong:

There is a basic character level system in ArchlordX, and it's also possible to create a character using skills that requires certain levels and obtaining items. There is no limit on item levels, and it's possible to use various elements to create the character.

It's also possible to obtain superior weapons and defensive equipment with Charisma Points, and the game also allows you to obtain various skills based on your own choices. At first, players can raise their skills up to level 50, and more options will be given through upcoming updates, which it will create even wider choice for users.

Since combat is obviously critical within the overall play, what would you like to tell the readers about the key features and elements in this part of the game?

Sung Jin Hong:

The concept of Archlord X is race-based PvP. It's possible to participate in the Shrine War, which is core content in the game. Players can take part in it right after creating a character, from level 1. It is large-scale, race-based PvP, and the winner will be allowed to enter a new hunting area. Also, it's possible to purchase various items using Charisma Points, which are given during PvP. They may be for PvE, PvP special items, etc.

In the Shrine War, from level 10, players can start interacting and combating with other the race at public dungeons. After level 40, they can go to the neutral area and fight the other race to survive with limited resources. Also, players can battle within the same race through siege guild tournaments and become lord of a castle. The final goal of such a lord is to participate in the high-level content, the Archlord final combat, and to becomes an Archlord who rules the Cantra continent.

In light of the apparently substantial emphasis you've placed on PvP, would you care to expand on how it functions and on the charisma points you mentioned?

Sung Jin Hong:

There are two types of PvP: same RvR and different RvR . The former has a penalty, but the latter gives Charisma Points. Also, users can develop their characters through PvP.

PvP is not just PK. It's possible to obtain Charisma Point through different RvR. These are important points; players can purchase Karma items with them. In addition, a player with high points also becomes a hero for a month. And the player gets a chance to participate in the Archlord tournament with the lord of a castle. The Charisma Point represents power and honor for its race.

How have you decided to handle character deaths? Will there be penalties, and if so, what forms will they take?

Sung Jin Hong:

Archlord X is based on PvP, so we are deeply concerned about the penalty issue. The race that wins in PvP will obtain a Charisma Point, and a losing character can drop an inventory item randomly or have it destroyed. In PvE mode, there will be a penalty that lowers the amount of experience points gained, similar to other MMORPGs.

Can players expect any type of pet system in the game, and if so, what will its most notable features be?

Sung Jin Hong:

We are currently developing a pet system for Archlord X. We can't share any detailed information yet, but it will be an element that makes the game interesting aside from the PvP.

How about vehicles? What types will be available, and what else are you willing to say about them at this time?

Sung Jin Hong:

Archlord X has vehicles in the game. It uses a different developing system, unlike the one in Archlord, so we are currently developing the vehicles to have more functionalities besides moving and riding. We are working hard to create lots of elements that make the game different from other MMORPGs.

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