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GStar 2022: ArcheAge 2 Is Coming To Consoles, Watch An Exclusive Interview With Jake Song

GStar 2022 is kicking off in Korea, and Kakao and XLGames have started with a bang, announcing that the upcoming ArcheAge 2 will not only be released on PC but also on consoles. We have an exclusive interview with studio lead Jake Song talking about the MMO and what players can expect.

The Great Prairie of the West Opens in ArcheAge, Bringing New Quests, Lore, and Events to Celebrate

The Great Prairie of the West opens up today in ArcheAge with events to celebrate. The new region brings new monsters, quests, lore, the Guardian Scramble large scale faction competition.

ArcheAge Rise of Nehliya Patch Notes and Trailer Posted

In a community post by the ArchAge team, The Rise of Nehliya has hit both ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained, and the team wasn't shy about detailing everything players can expect in a quite lengthy set of patch notes and explanations.

Interview with ArcheAge Creator Jake Song

Trion Worlds has produced a brief video with ArcheAge creator Jake Song to discuss his history with the game and what the future may hold for him now that he has returned as the Executive Producer.

Legends Return Set to Launch Tonight - Here's a New Trailer

Trion Worlds has announced that ArcheAge 4.5: Legends Return is set to launch later tonight. Players will be able to check into two new progression servers as well as find Dragon Mounts, Shadow Invasions and much more. To celebrate tonight's launch, a brand new trailer has arrived for your viewing pleasure.

4.0: Conquer Bloodsalt Bay - Gamescom 2017

During this week's Gamescom in Germany, Trion Worlds revealed a brand new trailer for ArcheAge 4.0. Called Conquer Bloodsalt Bay, the trailer gives a brief look at the nautically-themed content where players will be able to dominate the seas, take on other scallawags and battle fierce undersea creatures.

Korean Version Trailer Shows Naval Arena: Trapaces Update

Our friends at MMOCulture have a new video that features a look at the upcoming ArcheAge (KR) naval arena taking place in Trapaces. Four teams of five level 30+ players battle one another in any one of four ships. Each ship has strong and weak points so choosing will be challenging.

Secrets of Ayanad Official Launch Trailer

The Secrets of Ayanad update is live! Ascend to level 55, explore the new Diamond Shores zone, and wield new abilities and Obsidian weapons as you battle to uncover the secrets of the ancient, multi-dimensional Ayanad Library.

PAX East 2015 - Ayanad Library Preview

Merv and Scapes from Trion Worlds sat down to show us all about the new Ayanad Library content update coming to the live servers on March 10. A huge sprawling new zone with new housing, a massive public PVE dungeon, a level cap increase to 55 with new skills, and tons of new items are all coming for free to AA.

Into The Origin - Trion Producers Guest Host!

Amanda Fry and Victoria Voss guest-host on the show this week to chat about launch, their roles at Trion, and the future of the game. Watch! -- Watch live at