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ArcheAge Articles

Interview: Talking ArcheAge's Upcoming Grand Prairie Update Wtih XL Games Ham Young Jin

ArcheAge's next major content update releases tomorrow, and we had the chance to chat with XL Games' producer Ham Young Jin about the content, as well as what players can look forward to through the rest of 2022 and in the future.

Legends Return in 4.5 with New Progression Servers & Dragons!

Long awaited news from Trion Worlds and XL Games is finally here and we caught up with Merv "Khrolan" Lee Kwai (Senior Producer) and Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan (Associate Producer) to hear all about it!

Past, Present & Future Insights with Merv Lee Kwai

Since these changes we have seen a little less of Khrolan on Trion Worlds Friday Twitch livestreams so I wanted to spend a little more time catching up with Merv Lee Kwai and seeing if we could share any more news relevant to 4.0 and the future of ArcheAge while also getting to know him a little more.

Erenor Eternal Provides New Ways to Have Fun

Erenor Eternal is a huge content expansion coming to ArcheAge later today. It features overhauled systems as well as new locations for players to explore. I had the chance to chat with Senior Producer Merv Lee Kwai about Erenor Eternal and what it means to players and to the game itself.

Scott Hartsman on 2.0's Stumbles, Lessons Learned, and More

Last weekend, the v2.0 update to ArcheAge was deployed on Trion's ArcheAge servers. However, Glyph had other ideas and the weekend was fraught with issues. We caught up with Trion CEO Scott Hartsman to find out more about the issues, what will be done and plans for future updates.

Dread Prophecies Sets Sail & Brings Something for Everyone

No one is more excited for tomorrow’s update than ArcheAge’s Merv Lee Kwai. Called “Dread Prophecies”, the update is the largest yet for the game since it launched. There’s a huge feature list for Dread Prophecies and what makes it especially cool is that it affects all phases of life for players. There is literally something for everybody.

What's in Store for 2015?

After ArcheAge’s big launch, controversy, and eventual settling down into its own niche, folks may be wondering where the game is headed in 2015. Good thing that we sat down with Trion’s Mervin Lee Kwai, Producer on ArcheAge to chat about precisely that…

Why the Labor System is Good

This isn’t going to make me popular, but I’m going to come out and say it just like Maccarthur says on our forums, I actually kind of like the labor point system. Before the pitchforks come out and people start claiming I’m pro “Pay 2 Win”, let me explain. While I think there could be some improvements to the system, I’m also fairly confident in my belief that the Labor system is better for the overall health of the economy and the game XLGAMES wants us to play.

Launch is Coming, At Long Last

ArcheAge is not exactly unknown around these parts, but to much of the larger gaming world XLGAMES' and Trion's ArcheAge still has a lot to prove. And the time has finally come to do so. We met up with the team at PAX Prime in Seattle to discuss the forthcoming launch of the long-awaited sandbox MMORPG.

Beta is Coming… Next Week!

By now you’ve read our news article about the closed beta for ArcheAge launching next week on July 17th for four days. Fear not! It’s just the first of several upcoming closed beta events before the game goes live later this year. To clarify this information and much more, we chatted with Trion Worlds’ CEO Scott Hartsman earlier today.

Patches Make Perfect

A few days ago Trion Worlds announced that ArcheAge’s beta events would be delayed by a couple weeks in order to incorporate Patch 1.2, a collection of content, balance and feature tweaks. What does this update change and why is it so important to ArcheAge’s success in Trion’s territories? For answers to those questions, rewind the ArcheAge timeline one year.

MMOZG.net Interviews Jake Song About Russian Version

MMOzg.net has another fantastic interview with ArcheAge's Jake Song. The team started with a list of questions and added more as answers were given. See what he had to say in this comprehensive new interview with our friends at MMOZG.net.

Pre-GDC Interview Reveals Trion's Plan

Trion has been ramping up information dissemination about ArcheAge over the last few weeks. We managed to catch up to Scott Hartsman to find out more about Trion's plan and vision for the NA/EU version of the game. See what we discovered before heading to the comments to chat!

MMOZG.net Interviews Jake Song Ahead of Russian Beta Start

Today marks the commencement of the localized Russian ArcheAge open beta. As part of the preparation for the big event, XLGames' Jake Song was in Moscow and our friends at MMOZG.net were allowed time with him for a rapid-fire ten minute interview. We have been given permission to post the English translation of the interview here at MMORPG.com.

XLGAMES Address Monetization Worries

ArcheAge in Korea currently utilizes a rather complex monetization system. In a brand new interview, we spoke with Executive Director of XL Game ArcheAge Division Yinzi Cheng about the complicated system and about player concerns with it. Read on and then leave your thoughts in the comments.