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ArcheAge Articles

Opinion: ArcheAge 2 Might Breathe Life Back Into The Franchise

Kanishka looks into the ways that ArcheAge 2 could breathe some life back into the franchise, especially after the success - and issues - of both ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained.

ArcheAge: Unchained Review in Progress: Drowning in Queues

ArcheAge: Unchained continues its pattern of instability into launch week, while Gamigo rushes to respond to player concerns. In-between the chaos and madness, join Emily as she dives in headfirst to and pray that she comes out of the queue for air.

Review in Progress - The Tree Thief

Most of this week, our Bill Murphy has been playing and enjoying the more organic facets of life in ArcheAge… when he hasn’t been battling the excessively long queue times to get into the game. In this week’s Review in Progress, we’ll hear a tale of tree thievery and some thoughts on the current server queue situation.

Review in Progress

Normally, we’d wait until the official day of launch or soon after to begin our Review in Progress series. But as ArcheAge is a special case, what with this weekend’s DDOS attacks, over-too-soon land rush, and more, we thought we’d over you some serious thoughts on the game on the eve of its official launch in the US and EU. Read on for our initial thoughts on XLGAMES’ ArcheAge, brought to the US and EU by Trion Worlds.

The Trial System Concerns

Garrett Fuller takes a look at the buzz generated by ArcheAge, and questions whether the game's sandbox systems such as player trials really can work in practice.