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ArcheAge: Unchained and the Land Rush

Raised in a State famous for a Land Run, Red Thomas is the ideal guy to give his thoughts on ArcheAge: Unchained as the game stands now. Red talks about the differences he’s noticed in the game since the initial release to Western audiences and what that might mean to those still on the fence about getting jumping in.

Red Returns To ArcheAge: Unchained

Red Thomas jumps back into the MMO scene with ArcheAge: Unchained. Is it worth picking up or is this just another cash-grab that should be given a pass? Red diagnoses his experience inside.

Are Fresh Starts Just a Phase?

There is no denying if you ever experienced this hybrid MMORPG Themepark Sandbox at maximum level for more than a few months that you fell in love with this game whether you liked it or not. Alpha ArcheAge remains the best version of AA a lot of us ever enjoyed because it was fresh, vibrant and full of promise.

First Thoughts on 3.0 – Revelation

ArcheAge’s 3.0 Update, Revelation, had a rocky start in the NA region. EU seemed largely problem-free, but the NA servers proved a bit of a bear to get online and thus the actual launch of Revelation didn’t happen until Sunday AM. We’ve spent the past couple days playing a new Dwarf, and have some thoughts on 3.0 and the current state of AA.

A Christmas Nightmare

This past week, ArcheAge players had the distinct privilege of being unable to access both North American and European servers for over 24 hours. We still don’t know exactly what happened.

How to Defend Your Castle

I was lucky enough to participate in one of this weekend’s castle sieges as an attacker. I’d love to recall for you an epic tale of bravery and destruction, but nothing of the sort actually occurred. Instead, here’s some tips for castle defenders preparing for the next round of sieges.

Aurorian Upheaval

Trion Worlds dropped the ball this week. A triple-whammy of bad decisions has managed to push players away from the game just in time for the holidays. Let’s take a look at what went wrong.

Returning to Auroria

The hectic, war-torn northern continent of Auroria will be open for invasion in November. Let’s review what the “Land of Origin” has in store for new players and their guilds.

Trust Issues

When Trion Worlds launched ArcheAge last month, was the company fully aware of the quantity and quality of client modifications and third-party tools available for the title?

The Struggle is Real

No MMO launch is flawless. ArcheAge’s launch in Europe and North America has had its fair share of issues this past week. Let’s take a look at a few of them and discuss what Trion Worlds can do to give players a better experience.

Head Start - Scourge of Patrons

ArcheAge has its fair share of die-hard fans. It’s Tuesday, September 16th, 2014. The game servers should be live and free players should be flooding the authentication server queues. I emphasize “should” because the last few days haven’t been kind to Patrons trying to enjoy their Head Start. Despite having multiple MMO launches under its belt, Trion has managed to fall victim to sophomoric blunders.

Looking Forward - Korean Patch 1.7

There are no brakes on the ArcheAge update train. XLGAMES released Patch 1.7 for the Korean version of ArcheAge last month and the features it added are pretty exciting. Let’s take a look at the changes.

How ArcheAge Captures the ‘Elder Scrolls’ Spirit Better Than ESO

In the first of what we hope to become a regular feature on the site, we're presenting you a guest column written by a reader of MMORPG.com. Kyle is a longtime reader of the site, and approached us with a unique take on why ArcheAge appeals to him while Elder Scrolls online did not...

The Cash Shop Review

There’s been some controversy on various social media and MMO fan communities over Trion Worlds’ implementation of ArcheAge’s F2P cash shop and Patron subscription model. Let’s review all the items available for purchase with real money in the shop. Keep in mind that currently 150 credits seem to be equivalent to one real world US dollar, according to the Founders Pack shop page (7500 credits, $50 value).

ArcheAge - Why You Questing, Bro?

ArcheAge is going to be a divisive game… just not for the reasons you might think. We spent some time with the first of several closed beta events for Trion’s upcoming North American release of the game, and we’re suitably enamored. But there’s a sneaking suspicion we all have about ArcheAge: we’re afraid that its underlying complexity is going to be hidden by the upfront simplicity of its questing and PVE design.