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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 10/15/19)  | Pub:Trion Worlds
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ArcheAge: Unchained Rating

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Member Comments

numatic writes: Saw this post and it expressed my sentiments exactly First off, let's talk about the good. Archeage has one of the most robust and in depth crafting systems in any game I've ever played. The economy is seriously driven by the players. The PvP, while not the best, can be a lot of fun. The sea combat is also another major pulling figure for the game although I never had an interest in it. And for a game released in 2014 it's still quite visually stunning. The games overall potential is massive if XL would realize it. So what's so bad about it? Oh boy, let's start at the begining. The very begining. When AA originally released, just months later, became swamped with P2W. It earned the title over the years of one of the most p2w games in existence. If you wanted it bad enough, you could buy it. This left developers to patch the game to force whales to spend more money. The entire design of the game was developed over the years to make people spend money. Certain game mechanics only exist because of P2W. What does that have to do with AA:U? Everything. Now we have launch day. Honestly, it's no surprise of the issues at launch and I wont completely fault gamigo for that. It happens to 90% of mmos that release. What I will fault them for, is that support tickets opened on launch day have still gone unanswered. Now we move to post launch, ala exploit early exploit often. Players found an exploit with the new archepass system that in early game allowed them to earn 500g a day on a single character (which means if they had alts, that's 500g per alt). Players were potentially earning thousands of gold per day. That would put you miles ahead of even a hardcore gamer who didnt exploit. Especially that early on in the game. Many players knew about it but didnt take part. Because they are the good players who dont like cheating to get ahead and know that those who did would be banned. And they did get banned. For less than 24 hours. Gamigo tried to explain that a certain feature that allowed the exploit had to be used to be considered an exploit. Those who were unbanned were found not to have exploited that feature. This was very likely a lie as many people on discord and reddit have said they 100%used the exploit and got unbanned. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. However it has instilled the motto with AAU, exploit early and exploit often. Because Gamigo will do nothing about it. What about other exploits? Well you have lots of content blocking (using wagons to block pathways such as stairs or even forcing players to walk around outside the peace area to be ganked), clipping into the captains ship to knock cargo haulers off and steal their packs, a broken crime system and prison glitch that allows you to leave at your leisure, and flat out hackers (although I've only seen one in my game time). Gamigos response? crickets What about the mechanics? Things set in place in a p2w environment are killing the AAU economy. Things such as labor costs for tasks or gold/vocation/honor costs for items. When gamigo released AAU, all they did was remove the p2w elements but none of the mechanics associated with them. Essentially they removed the cash shop and slapped the archepass system in without a second thought to everything else in the game that was designed around p2w. What does that mean? It means AAU still has whales. Only this time it's not pay 2 win, its play 2 win. AAU has no diminishing returns for time invested. Everything is cumulative. So now instead of paying whales, we have time whales. What does that mean for the average gamer? That depends on what you want out of the game. If you are very casual and want to go the farmville route, it may not affect you much and you may find what you are looking for. But if you are interested in open world PvP, you will never be competitive. How is the open world PvP in AAU? Essentially it's high GS players farming honor off lower GS players. The average GS is around 4.5k right now, with the top 100 player over 7k. Over 8k in the top 10. That's like being Ancestral 1 fighting lvl 20 mobs. It's a massive difference and scale. Most PvP is simply surprise attacking people who are lvling/farming coinpurses. It's just griefing all day. If that's your thing, fine. But in AAU where 1-2 hits kills someone, it's boring imo. Botters. Are. Everywhere. Typically this is mining. They park an alt and have them auto mine a node that respawns at that location. Report after report and I see the same ones daily. Nothing is done like Gamigo said would be. And why is that? Because not a single GM exists inside the game servers. There are none. Zero. They dont have a single staff member who's sole job it is to respond to these reports. Oh, also gold selling is rampant. The final nail in the coffin for me was the dailies. People will say "dont focus on the dailies, just play how you want". Its mostly nonsense. If you play to be competitive, you need to do them. All of them. Since progress in this game is cumulative, everything you skip puts someone else ahead of you. This is, in no specific order, Hiram dailies (avg 45mins with a raid), CR, GR, Aegis, Whalesong, library, fishing if u need achievement, Golden plains and other instances, cargo, community center, and all other blue salt dailies. Then you still have gilda and kyrios dailies if you want those too. And since AAU rewards you for doing more than someone else you need to be doing them all to stay on top. So unless you are in that upper echelon of gamers who's sole purpose in life is to game, you are going to be very disappointed with this aspect of the game. The one thing I can say to sum up my experience is this. I have never put so much time and effort in a game to feel so far behind. It makes zero sense to be putting in 30+ hours a week into a game to only be mediocre. I have put far less time into games and been able to play with higher end gamers just fine, if maybe a bit behind. The gap in AAU all these legacy mechanisms create will simply make AAU just like legacy. A single server full of whales with a few randoms casual masochists who refuse to give up. It's so very sad because this game could be something amazing. I don't understand how a developer can bypass that kind of potential. Thu Nov 21 2019 6:01AM
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