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ArcheAge Valentine's Day Event Live Now

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Saving Everyone’s Valentine event is currently underway in both ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained for players at least level 30.

The event is set to run until February 20, where you’ll assist in deliveries for the Chocolate Merchant Piero. Doing so earns coins which can be traded for rewards:

  • Bound Tax Certificate x 30 – 10 Valentine’s Day Coin
  • Bound Lucky Elixir x 2 – 10 Valentine’s Day Coin
  • Lucky Hiram Infusion x 6 – 20 Valentine’s Day Coin
  • Hiram Awakening Scroll x 15 – 20 Valentine’s Day Coin
  • Manastorm Crystal x 20 – 20 Valentine’s Day Coin (Legacy Only)
  • White Romance Table – 50 Valentine’s Day Coin
  • Bound Serendipity Stone – 100 Valentine’s Day Coin
  • Kitty Onesie – 130 Valentine’s Day Coin
  • Puppy Onesie – 130 Valentine’s Day Coin
  • Title: Sweet Tooth – 10 Valentine’s Day Coin


Poorna Shankar

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