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Kakao Games

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    Action MMO
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    Unreal Engine
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ArcheAge 2 Overview

ArcheAge 2 is a seamless open-world Action MMORPG set as the sequel to the globally-acclaimed ArcheAge that originally launched in Korea in 2013. Developed by XLGames and published by Kakao Games, ArcheAge 2 will be a multi-platform title available on PC, Xbox Series S/X, and PlayStation 5. ArcheAge 2 is currently slated for release sometime in 2024. The pay-model for ArcheAge 2 has not been disclosed yet.

Jake Song, XLGames CEO and the Executive Producer on ArcheAge 2, has said that many of the core tenets of ArcheAge will still be present, such as player freedom. ArcheAge 2 will take place in the same world as the current ArcheAge titles, but players will be exploring in a different timeline compared to ArcheAge and Unchained. 


  • Action-packed combat
  • Immersive storyline
  • AAA-tier visuals via the Unreal Engine 5 engine
  • Non-linear progression-based open-world experience
  • Enhanced Trade Run System from ArcheAge 1
  • Improved Player Housing and customization
  • Create player towns with your Guild
Kakao And XLGames Confirm ArcheAge 2 Is Still In Development, Coming 2024

ArcheAge 2 is indeed coming, as Kakao Games and XLGames confirmed today in a joint press release. The upcoming sequel to was first announced back in 2020 and confirmed to be running on Unreal Engine 5.

ArcheAge 2 Announced, Running On Unreal Engine 5

Announced via the Korean gaming media (via MMOCulture), Jake Song officially announced ArcheAge 2 was in the works. Also announced was the upcoming Korean MMO would utilize Epic's latest Unreal Engine 5 technology to build the game.