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Arcane Legends Articles

Curse of the Cryostar to be Released on March 24th

Arcane Saga will be expanding on March 24th with the Curse of the Cryostar update. According to Spacetime Studios, Curse of the Cryostar is the largest expansion to date. A new level cap will be added alongside new loot, dungeons, instant level up, a new Skill Mastery system, pet leveling and much more.

Sixth Expansion Unlocks with Player Activity

Spacetime Studios has announced that the latest expansion for Arcane Legends, Rage of the Ren'gol, will be released when players have completed a global goal to protect the Gnomes from a band of ravaging Orcs. In addition to protection, players will be charged with rebuilding Garetta. Once finished, the expansion will be released.

Dragon Enclave Expansion Announced

The Arcane Legends forums are all a-twitter following an announcement that the game will be expanding soon with Dragon Enclave. Fans of the mobile MMO will be happy to hear that new maps, new elite legendary equipment and much more will be incoming with the expansion. In addition, the team has plans to implement a new itemization system.

Saving the Sorcerer's Homeland

A brand new update to Arcane Legends is anticipated to go live on Thursday, August 29th and will charge players with saving the Sorcerer's Homeland. The patch will also feature new quests and items as well as a level cap increase to 36.

Expansion to Launch Today

SpaceTime Studios has announced that the latest expansion to Arcane Legends will launch today. Called Battle of Nordr, the expansion raises the level cap and adds a bunch of new wintry content to the game.

Kraken Isles Expansion Goes Live Today

Spacetime Studios has announced that the Kraken Isles expansion to Arcane Legends will go live later today.

Latest Update Brings PvP Into the Game

Spacetime Studios has released the latest update to Arcane Legends. This update places a particular focus on PvP and brings the 4v4 Capture the Flag Arena into the game.

Old Jul Festival Begins

Spacetime Studios has announced that the holidays have arrived in Arcane Legends. The Old Jul festival honors ancient heroes and gives players the opportunity to find and slay the Jul festival goblin to score Winter Wonderland gear.

Now Available for iOS Devices

SpaceTime Studios has announced that its latest title, Arcane Legends, is now available for iOS devices. Arcane Legends was previously released for Android devices and for PC users via Google Play.

Free Exclusive Weapon!

MMORPG.com has been given exclusive keys for Arcane Legends that will grant you a special weapon! Depending on your characters class you will get an Axe or Sword (Warrior), Dagger or Dual Blades (Rogue) or Wand or Stave (Sorcerer). Get your key now!

First Cinematic Trailer Released

Spacetime Studios has released the first cinematic trailer for Arcane Legends, the latest cross platform MMO in the "Legends" stable of games. Check it out!

Battle Pet Companions

Spacetime Studios has announced that Arcane Legends will include a robust pet system allowing players to collect a variety of battle companions to take to the fight. According to the developers, Arcane Legends will feature over forty pets.