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Aranock Online Overview

Aranock Online is based off of the now-closed game called Mercenaries of Astonia V2, which was a much loved game. The game is created by Aranock Online. Aranock aims to improve on it with all new graphics, quests and game play. Although Astonia is closed, its legacy continues, and we have many original players playing Aranock, with new players joining it every day.


  • The Pentagram Quest | The Pentagram Quest is a never ending quest that players get involved to achieve large amounts of experience. Once you enter the Pentagram Quest or 'pents' you must fight enemy monsters in order to move in and touch a pentagram. When a pentagram is activated it lights up and stops all monsters from spawning from that node for the rest of that round.
  • Live Quests | Unlike regular quests are daily quests that are issued by the admin or game master. These things change over time so you won’t have to worry about playing the same quests over and over again. New quests often kills the game's linearity and of course a good reason for players to look forward to something every time they log in.
  • Luck | Luck is a variable hidden stat, you can top up your luck by donating items to the gods via the golden shrines. To check to see how much luck you have, speak with the begger outside of Skua temple and hand him 50 gold coins, he will then tell you how much luck you have.
  • Professions | There are 4 professions: Harvest, Craft, Blacksmith, and Alchemy. In general harvest collects items, craft converts them into useable materials and Blacksmith or Alchemist make the new items.