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Seven point Red Ltd

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    Unity 3D
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    Seven point Red Ltd
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AQ2: Expanse Overview

AQ2: Expanse is an upcoming sequel from independent solo developer Seven Point Red Ltd. AQ2: Expanse is a massively multiplayer space strategy game. A single persistent universe with open PvP and PvE. Fight for control over the Aquila system's sectors in huge corporation wars, play with everyone, play in a group, or play solo with plenty to explore.

Start your adventure in the Aquila system, a vast expanse of space brimming with opportunities for intrepid space explorers. Trade, Fight, Mine, and Salvage for resources while joining a Corporation and capturing outposts to control the galaxy. Improve your outposts by building modules and auxiliary buildings to improve regional trade or increase security. Experience real-time battles with hundreds of ships as well as multiple weapon types and fittings to customize your ship the way you want to fight.

Fight in a single persistent universe with real-time PvP and PvE, and fight alongside your allies in a Corporation or as a Wing. A single open world allows you to fight almost anywhere.

Explore a huge, dynamic universe with hundreds of sectors, Asteroid belts, Nebula, Gas clouds, Ice Fields, and more to explore. Warp between sectors in several massive regions, using warp gates to travel between core regions. Find wormholes for quick travel or use your Corporations warp beacons to get back to your home base fast.

Corporations control the Aquila system. Join a Corporation and claim sectors as your own, build auxiliary buildings to support trade, mining, or defense efforts. Corporations can set wages that are paid out to players based on the corporation's income from its owned sectors. Wage wars against other corporations or create alliances to band together and support trade.

Become a miner and head out across the Aquila system to gather ores, there are over 20 types of raw ores to discover and trade. Loot and salvage wrecks for equipment and research fragments, or deconstruct whole wreaks to gather raw minerals.

The Aquila system has two markets, the main market provided by AQSEC and TITAN where players can buy and sells all kinds of goods, you can even make a profit shipping goods between sectors based on real-time demands ( Have the corporations not built enough orbital farms, then ship some food! ) The Black market is a player to player market allowing you to sell anything you own, maybe you have crafted some decent weapons, or you want to sell an old ship?

The Missions system in AQ2 is not a simple fetch quest system, dynamic missions with branching paths as well as hand-crafted stories are all possible. Find new contacts throughout the Aquila system for new missions, or even get clues to hidden missions from scanning wrecks and other more exotic things you might find.

Ships can be customized with a variety of weapons and fittings. Shields, Armor, Engines, Power generation, and AI chips are just some of the core fittings. Ships can also be equipped with stealth generators, anti-missile point defense, and even status projectors like the shield hardener allowing you to buff your allies. Larger ships can also be equipped with fighter bays. Turrets are customizable even further with turret modifications and ammo, adjust your turrets by sacrificing damage for increased range. All turrets, fittings, and ammo can be crafted or purchased on the market.

In-game chat and mail system allows you to chat to anyone in the local system as well as a full mail system allowing you to create chat groups. You can join a wing with other players and share rewards, wings also have full voice chat support.


  • Realtime Combat
  • Fight, Mine, Salvage or Trade
  • Player and NPC trade markets
  • Skill trees
  • Player Homebase shared between your characters
  • Achievements and medals
  • Cross-platform play
  • Ship customization
  • Scalable graphics from mobile to PC
  • Hundreds of players can battle together