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APB: Reloaded Articles

APB Reloaded to Add APB Riot Beta Event to the Game

APB Reloaded will be getting a hefty update next week that will bring APB Riot into the game. The new content is a battle royale mode that will become part of the game after beta testing. PC players will be able to take part in the test and earn a number of free rewards and a new weapon skin.

APB Reloaded Team Reveals APB RIOT Battle Royale Mode

APB Reloaded developer Little Orbit has announced the addition of a new "collapsing map mode" called APB RIOT. Teams of four will be facing off as the map slowly collapses while squads try to control a variety of points on the map in an effort to be the last team standing.

Part of the Overhaul of the Game to Include BattlEye

The APB Reloaded site has been updated with a new developer blog to provide information about the latest overhauls being made to the game client. As part of the first series of changes to the game, Little Orbit will begin utilizing BattlEye as its anti-cheat software to make "this game as a fun, safe environment to play". You may remember that Little Orbit has taken over the development of APB Reloaded.

Final Fixes for Console Versions & New Summer Event

The APB Reloaded team is thanking the community for its patience with the recent focus on getting PlayStation 4 and XBox One versions of the game up to snuff, a feat that required most of the resources of the limited development team. But patience pays off and there is a new summer event incoming. It is as-yet unnamed event will be a work in progress with a lot of feedback being solicited from the community.

XBox One Launch Day Arrives, PS4 Version in the Works

Gamers First has announced that APB: Reloaded has officially launched for XBox One as of today, Friday, June 3rd. The team also revealed that a PlayStation 4 version is in the works with a launch date to be determined. The letter goes on to remind PC players they have not been forgotten in all the months that the console versions were being prepared. As a result, the team is asking for help with all the new XB1 players that will be heading into the game.

New Game Engine Sneak Peek & a New Loyalty Reward

GamersFirst has updated the APB: Reloaded blog with a first-look video at the way the game will look when the new game engine comes into play in the near future.

Devs Begin Sharing 2015's Vision

The APB Reloaded team has taken to its official blog to begin laying out the plans for the upcoming year. According to a recent forum post, players can look forward to hearing more about engine updates, hardware upgrades currently ongoing, and the console release dates for the game.

Headed to PS4 and XBox One This Spring

Deep Silver, Reloaded Games and The Workshop Entertainment have announced that they are working in partnership to bring APB: Reloaded to both the XBox One and Playstation 4 later this spring. Console users will join the over five million players who have taken on APB: Reloaded since launch.

Arc Platform Plays Host to First Ever Third Party Game

APB: Reloaded has joined up with Perfect World Entertainment to become the first-ever third party game to be hosted on the Arc games platform. Interested players can use a unified log in for all Arc titles, including APB: Reloaded.

Open Conflict Patch Deployed with New Anti-Cheat Feature

Reloaded Games has announced the deployment of the latest update to APB: Reloaded. Called "Open Conflict", the patch bring the new "Fair Fight" feature into the game, a server-side mechanic that keeps an eagle eye on all players to ensure that all things remain above-board.

Celebrating a Year of Top 5 F2P Action

Reloaded Games has announced that the past year of APB: Reloaded has been a resounding success and that the game still sits in the top five free to play titles on Valve's Steam platform. According to the publisher, APB: Reloaded has stayed in the top five on Steam for the entire year.

Version 10 - New Breed Part 3 Detailed

The APB Reloaded blog has been updated with a new developer post written by Lead Designer Qwentle. In it, Qwentle discusses the next update, Version 10: New Breed Part 3. Version 10 will bring two new T5 contacts, "Birth" and "Templeton", into the game as well as new modifications and weapons.

v1.9 Goes Live

APB Reloaded has been updated with the latest patch that brings lots of new features and fun into the game. According to the official blog, players are all being gifted a day's Premium plus four hundred Joker tickets to spend in the Social Zone.

v1.8 Released with a Bonus

GamersFirst has announced that v1.8 has officially deployed on APB: Reloaded servers along with the notice that all players will receive a free one day Premium Code due to the length of time it took to get servers updated.

New Breed Part 1 Released

The APB-Reloaded team has announced the details from the latest game update, New Breed Part 1. According to the blog post, New Breed adds new game content, new environment changes and new audio.