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Bring 'Em Back Live

In his latest Free Zone column, MMORPG.com columnist, Richard Aihoshi, takes a look at the rumored resurrection of All Points Bulletin by K2 Networks. Richard wonders if APB will finally live up to its potential when it's re-released as a F2P title later this year. Check out Richard's thoughts and then add yours to the mix on the forums.

The Story of the Week

MMORPG.com Managing Editor Jon Wood has looked over all the stories that came out this week with a focus on MMOs. While Jon alludes to two others as noteworthy candidates, ultimately he landed upon the sale of stagnant MMO, All Points Bulletin. Check out what Jon has to say and let us know what you think in the forums.

What Went Wrong With APB

Bill Murphy's The List column this week takes a look at some possible reasons behind the sad news that Realtime Worlds is nearing bankruptcy. While APB seemed to be a promising cops and robbers MMO, the game seemed fraught with difficult issues that may have hastened Realtime Worlds' insolvency. Bill looks at APB's problems from a player perspective so see what you think and add your thoughts to What Went Wrong With APB.