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Anthem Cataclysm Update - Legendary Weapons Land on PTR

Anthem's Cataclysm has finally landed on the game's PTR. In a new preview from YouTube's KhrazeGaming, viewers get a look at the new weapons that will come to players once the update is released on live servers. The nine new weapons are considered energy weapons, something different from the more mundane weapons released so far.

Conviction: An Anthem Story Trailer From Neill Blomkamp

EA and Neill Blomkamp have released Conviction: An Anthem Story short live-action trailer. It is set in the world of Anthem "decades before the events of the game" and is about four minutes long. Let us know what you think!

Conviction: An Anthem Live Action Short-Story Film by Neill Blomkamp Announced

BioWare and Neill Blomkamp have sent out a teaser trailer for Conviction, "an original live-action short-film based on Anthem". The short "invites viewers to experience Blomkamp's unique style of creating photorealistic visual effects and bringing them seamlessly into the real world, this time with EA's Anthem". The full "short film" will be available on February 14th on the Oats Studios YouTube channel.

Anthem Devs Want You Hyped - Check Out the Launch Trailer

With the launch of Anthem just a couple of weeks away, BioWare wants you hyped. To help get you there, they've unleashed the official launch trailer that you're definitely not going to want to miss. Check it out!

Anthem Devs Dish on Endgame in Gameplay Series, Part 2

The Anthem team has published the second video in an ongoing series devoted to gameplay. In this edition, they speak about Anthem's endgame that will include harder difficulty levels once the game has been defeated for the first time, new contracts and legendary contracts, daily-weekly-monthly challenges and much more.

Is ANTHEM Any Good? - Anthem VIP Demo Impressions - TheHiveLeader

This weekend was the Anthem VIP Demo, allowing many players their first look at the game. Being a major fan of looter shooters, TheHiveLeader couldn't help but jump in and check out one of the most anticipated games of 2019. But was Anthem any good? Was it fun? How was flying? FIND OUT NOW!

Anthem VIP Demo Trailer Primes the Hype for Tomorrow's Event

Tomorrow's the big day for the start of the Anthem VIP. A 30 second video has been released to get everyone hyped for preordering the game or joining up with EA All Access / Origin Access. The Anthem VIP beta test will kick off on Friday, January 25th at 9:00 am Pacific / 12:00 pm Eastern and will run through January 27th at 6:00 pm Pacific / 9:00 pm Eastern.

This Is Anthem Series, Part 1: Story, Progression, and Customization

BioWare is putting out its own series of videos designed to introduce fans to Anthem. In this first in the series, story, progression and customization are showcased. Players will get "detailed information about the javelins, customization and progression throughout the game".

Anthem: 10 Minutes of Hidden Depths Gameplay

The latest Anthem video showcases gameplay as seen through story missions in an area called Hidden Depths. The mission requires the Javelin team to head underwater to get to the quest waypoint. The mission requires the team to complete a puzzle cooperatively in order to progress and features a new type of insect-like enemies.

Anthem: 7 Minutes of Fort Tarsis Exploration Gameplay

IGN is back with yet another preview for BioWare's upcoming Anthem. This time, viewers will get a look at the player's home away from home, Fort Tarsis. Meet the NPCs that live in the fort and check out some of the systems you'll encounter.