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Anthem - Hands On with End Game Content

The end game is a concept which always looms large over any ongoing multiplayer game. For most games, things are over once you beat the main story, but for MMOs and MMO-lite the main storyline is only the tip of the iceberg. Even for players who take their time while leveling the basic game design is intended for the majority of a player’s time to be spent playing after the leveling content (because they want you to keep playing for as long as the game is around). Thankfully I got a peek at the endgame for Anthem at the recent media event in San Francisco.

Anthem Hands On Preview & Interview with Mark Darrah

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to play the first few hours of Anthem, the demo content (which is available for Origin or EA Access members on Friday), and to talk to the Executive Director for Anthem Mark Darrah. There’s been an absolute glut of information from BioWare over the last few months, so this was a great chance to clear up some of the remaining questions and get a solid impression of what the core gameplay is like.

Anthem: Pulling Back the Veil on Lore

Anthem is set to launch this February, but it still seems like there’s a lot we don’t know about the game. Ahead of tonight’s Video Game Awards, EA hosted a press junket where they told us a bit more about the game’s story, and gave us the news that the VIP Pre-Order DEMO will come in late January, with an “Open for Everyone” Demo the first week of February. Read on for more details.

PAX West 2018: Anthem Pre-Panel Press Event Report

We finally have more information on what might be the most anticipated upcoming games: Anthem. Earlier today I got to sit on the pre-panel press event before the big PAX panel to get a sneak peek at the entire reveal before everyone else and a unique chance for a small public Q&A with other members of the gaming press. But you didn’t click into this article to read my gibberish so without further ado it’s time to dive in!