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The Best Bits of Update 1.3

Anthem got its first significant update in some time this week with game update 1.3. The update adds a number of new things and significantly improves some others, but it’s not the “miracle patch” fans may be hoping for.

Anthem: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Anthem is having a bad week. The game got a surprise injection of new content in a patch rolled out this week, but the news that followed was the bigger story. BioWare announced that the team is essentially delaying most of the Act 1 content roadmap to focus on dealing with the game’s critical issues. With things moving at such a glacial pace as it is, I don’t see this ending well. And frankly, this week’s patch didn’t do nearly enough to soften such a blow.

Anthem Livestream Recap: Buffs, Loot and Quality of Life Updates

Anthem’s unfortunately necessary redemption arc begun recently with some critical buffs to the game’s loot (summon the loot!) and if yesterday’s livestream indicates anything, next week’s patch will continue the important work needed to turn the game around. Let’s recap.

Anthem Woes

Bioware teased their game Anthem a while back to a knowing and jaded game industry. At E3 2017 the game was shown off as part of EA’s new line up. People were excited but calls of Destiny suddenly were heard and here we are in early 2019 as the title is already starting to feel the pinch.

Red’s Read on Anthem

Red Thomas takes advantage of his Premier Origin Access to check out Anthem, the latest result of Bioware and EA tag-teaming efforts. Red gives his impressions of the game and makes a few predictions on its sustainability.

The Good and Bad of Anthem So Far

I’ve been playing Anthem this weekend, despite some frustration I’ve had with its design choices. The moment to moment action of Anthem is top-notch. They’ve nailed the combat, and the verticality of the world is as interesting as they posit. I love what I’ve seen of the characters and learned of the world, but there are fundamental issues I have with the UI and some design choices. Here are a few high level good and the bad bits of Anthem so far, as I see it.

Anthem Review-in-Progress - A Solid First Impression

In all the years I’ve been doing this, I don’t think I’ve ever gone into a review anxious. I’ve been looking forward to Anthem since its announcement at EA Play in 2017, but that demo EA put out a couple of weeks ago rattled me. I’ve only spent a couple of hours with the launch version of the game, but I’m glad to be able to report that, at least so far, things are looking a whole lot better.

Builds to Get You Started in Anthem

Anthem drops in about a week for Origin Access Premier players and in roughly two weeks for everyone else. While we expect there will be a ton of changes between the demo and the full game, these are some ability build ideas to roll with when you jump into the full version of Anthem.

From Cautiously Optimistic to Cautious

You know that feeling of excitement you get when you start a new Fallout game and exit the Vault for the first time? The light blinds you momentarily and then your eyes adjust and you see the wide world in front of you, ripe for exploration. I got that feeling when I loaded into Anthem’s beautiful world for the first time, too. And then I moved.

Anthem's Legendary Contracts Livestream Recap

Yesterday’s Anthem livestream was a bit of an interesting one as it gave us a peek at something players will be able to do at endgame: Legendary Contracts. My original understanding was that the stream would focus on Anthem’s weapons, but the change in plans wasn’t a bad one.

Why I'm Excited, But Still a Bit Apprehensive About Anthem

I’ve been interested in Anthem ever since the game’s announcement at E3 2017. But even with my excitement growing each day as we get closer to the game’s launch, I’m still left with a few questions that leave me a bit apprehensive.

BioWare’s Swansong

We all know what a fickle company EA is when it comes to any non-sports game. Despite this, they have launched a lot of ideas especially through the BioWare brand. Known for top RPGs over decades, the question really is how much of the BioWare-of-old remains?

How EA May Be Getting It Right With Anthem

It’s all talk at this point, but I like what I’m hearing. Last year, EA got my attention with Anthem, the BioWare developed response to games like Destiny and The Division, but it was what I heard (and saw) at E3 2018 that got me truly excited for the game’s launch early next year.

The Best Online Games of E3 2017

I’m not often impressed with E3, but this year’s show was pretty damn good. There were welcome surprises through the course of the event, from the return of beloved IPs to entirely new reveals. More interestingly, though, there was a pretty sizeable presence for online games. Not quite MMOs, but as close as we can get these days.