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Torchlight III - Public Test Realm Now Available

A Chaotic Test Realm Awaits

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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Echtra Games has announced that the Torchlight 3 Public Test Realm is now available for players to pop on over to test and experience Torchlight 3’s end game content. Echtra is looking for players to provide feedback on their experience, including their opinions on Fazeer’s Dun’Djinn Challenge. While the Public Test Realm is available now, there are several restrictions that players must take note of.

The list of important information and restrictions for PTR can be found on Torchlight 3’s announcement page. A short bullet list of the information is also provided below:

  • It is currently restricted to US players.
  • This PTR is considered a developmental environment. (Expect bugs)
  • There is a ‘cheat’ NPC that is located on the docks of Trevail Point.
  • You can gain access by finding the code within the #public-test-realm channel topic of our Discord
  • The PTR will not always be available
  • You can chat about the #public-test-realm on our Discord server and send feedback by selecting the PTR option on http://tl3feedback.echtragames.com.
  • Your characters will not persist from the Live server.
  • This is a place to test things, have fun, and give early feedback.

You can read more about Torchlight 3’s Steam Early Access launch, and some of the growing pains Echtra Games has experienced along the way in early access from our recent news coverage.


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