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The Elder Scrolls Online Extending PvP Event Through July 8th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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For those looking to still jump into The Elder Scrolls Online's PvP event, you have a bit more time as the dev team has extended the time through July 8th. Announced via a tweet, ESO players now have until 10am EDT on July 8th to make the most of the event.

The Midyear Mayhem event taking place lets players earn Event Tickets by completing Cyrodiil, Imperial City or Battlegrounds daily quests. Doing so will allow players to potentially unlock various collectibles, reward boxes and more spoils of war, such as the Icebreath Indrik. Additionally, participating in the event looks to be a good way to get extra Alliance Points and XP for those who participate in PvP regularly. 

As a result of the extension, the PvP event now runs through July 8th at 10am EDT.


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