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Solasta: Crown Of The Magister Previews Upcoming Dungeon Maker In New Video

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Solasta: Crown of the Magister is adding a much requested fan feature, a Dungeon Maker, letting players of the Early Access RPG create their own dungeons to explore and share with other players.

In a new post to the Steam community page previewing the feature, Tactical adventures, the team behind Solasta, talks a bit about what players can expect, both when the feature itself launches as well as future plans for the Dungeon Maker. Players will be able to create their own maps using pre-made dungeon rooms set in the Necropolis for now, though these maps can be linked to other player-made maps to form larger dungeons. Monsters and items from Solasta will be available for players to populate the dungeon itself, as well as traps and more to create unique encounters for adventurers who try out your creation.

This feature won't be complete when Crown of the Magister's 1.0 update launches, according to the post, with the team stating that they are going to iterate on this to "avoid putting the main game at risk."

"[T]he Dungeon Maker will be in a beta state for quite some time - even after the 1.0 launch of Solasta. In order to have a playable version of the Dungeon Maker and avoid putting the main game at risk, we've decided to start small and add features as we go (rather than being too ambitious from the start)."

As to when adventurers can get their hands on the Dungeon Maker, Solasta's developers are stating that it will be coming "soon." There are plans to tie this into a Quest Maker down the road, as well as provide Steam Workshop support to more easily share player-made creations. Make sure to check out the video for a glimpse of the maker in action in the embed below.


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