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Ship of Heroes Video Showcases Street Fighting


Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Ship of Heroes has received a new video showing off street fighting. Here are some of the details.

Street Fighting is fast and energetic, and focused primarily on single target combat. An unusual combination of dramatic knockbacks and subtle power effects make this powerset quite different than the other unarmed melee powerset that Ship of Heroes revealed recently, which was called Martial Arts.

According to the press material, Street Fighting is different in that emphasizes punches and upper body attacks, as compared to Martial Arts, which is heavy on kicks. The powerset also has an unusual debuff power which fits thematically with the down and dirty style of fighting – called Throw Dust. Throw Dust is an interrupt power that also has accuracy and damage debuff effects, and you can see in the video that this power can have multiple copies stacked at the same time onto one enemy.

Keep in mind, this footage was prepared for internal use by the dev team in looking at the animations, FX, and combat speed. Everything you see is current state, and will still get more polishing. The long sequence of these videos shows the steady progress over three years in the development of Ship of Heroes.

The next big thing in Ship of Heroes will be a combat Beta specifically focused on invasions of the ship by waves of aliens. The next big test will be a raid test, followed by some internal testing of instanced missions. A soft launch is planned for the end of 2020.


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