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Rockstar Thanks Its Community, Stating More People Played GTA Online Than Any Previous Year In 2020

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More people played Grand Theft Auto Online last year than before, according to a new blog post by Rockstar. Red Dead Online also saw growth, with more new players since the beta hitting last December.

In a thank you letter Rockstar penned for its players on its blog, the team gave some insight into the playerbase of their two major online ventures, as well as some interesting statistics on their video performance and more.

In 2020, more people played GTA Online than any year before it, according to Rockstar. Aditionally, the Cayo Perico was heralded as the biggest update to GTA Online's "music scene," seeing over 250 new songs added to the online game.

"The Cayo Perico Heist also delivered the biggest update to the GTA Online music scene, including a wild tropical beach party and the launch of a new nightclub for players to socialize in — with performances from Moodymann, Keinemusik, and Palms Trax. Radio dial additions included new stations from Julian Casablancas and Joy Orbison, plus massive updates to already existing stations from Flying Lotus and Gilles Peterson. The scale of this update — which includes over 250 new songs — prompted Complex to proclaim that "The Cayo Perico Heist proves that Rockstar Games owns music curation."

On the Red Dead Redemption 2 front, Rockstar has stated that more players jumped into Red Dead Online in December 2020 than "any time since the launch of the beta." This includes new players checking out the online mode for one of last generation's best games, which saw a standalone version launch last year.

Rockstar also set aside some column space for a thank you to the community for the video community, stating that both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V broke records in 2020 for video views. 

Rockstar is celebrating with spcial gifts to both Red Dead Online and GTA Online players this month. RDO players can expct to see a free horse, stable slot, 5000 club XP and more, while GTA Online players can log in through February  12th and receive some Rockstar-themed clothing in their wardrobe.


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