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Rapid Reality Aquires MMOLands

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Rapid Reality, LLC: New Technology and Portal Acquisition

The Chronicle Changes Engines, MMOLands Portfolio Joins MMOCenter.com

Rapid Reality sent along the following announcement moments ago. This announcement has been sent exclusively to MMORPG.com for our readers to see in advance of its planned wide-release tomorrow evening.

This deal means that Rapid Reality's portal MMOCenter will gain the rights to Endless Ages, among other MMOLands games. They will also be transferring their upcoming MMORPGs 'The Chronicle', 'Machines' and others into the Aura Game Engine Platform.

Rapid Reality would like to emphasize that all existing MMOLands.com accounts will be honored, including the fifteen we're giving away in our November contest.

In addition to the announcement, we also have several exclusive screenshots of The Chronicle in its new engine. You can view them all here

Rapid Reality, LLC completed terms today in acquiring the Aura Game Engine Platform developed by Aaron Boucher and the X-Src team, the MMOLands portal, www.mmolands.com, and each of the MMOLands games: Endless Ages, Race Lands, Ancient Lands, Museum Lands and other title still in development. Each MMOLands game will be transitioned to the MMOCenter portal and will be supported and enhanced by the MMOCenter team. The transition from the MMOLands portal to the MMOCenter portal will start in December and is expected to be completed by the first of the year. Along with the transition of the MMOLands Portal, MMOCenter will be updating each of the games over the course of the next few months with completely new art and updated functionality. More to come on the MMOLands transition at a further date.

Rapid Reality will no longer be utilizing the Kaneva Engine platform. Rapid Reality’s first game, The Chronicle, is in the process of being ported to the Aura Game Engine Platform. The company expects a two to three month technology porting process delaying The Chronicle Beta till late January or early February, with a targeted launch date of the beginning of March. Rapid Reality has been working closely with X-Src over the past weeks in porting areas of The Chronicle over to the new platform and is confident in their ability to meet this target date after the initial success they have had with ongoing porting process to date.

The latest version of the Aura Platform has brand new, cutting edge graphical ability and capability updates not previously disclosed that elevate the Aura Platform to new heights and sets a new marker for graphical quality for engines in this industry. Aaron Boucher and the X-Src team have been diligently at work over the past four years updating and enhancing the ability of the Aura Platform and with The Chronicle, will be showcasing graphic quality unrivaled in the industry.

Aaron Boucher has over ten years experience in 3D Engine development and is the founder of X-Src Corporation and the MMOLands portal. Aaron will continue to lead ongoing development efforts of the platform technology as a new member of the Rapid Reality team as the Chief Architect and lead developer. Coming to join the Rapid Reality team along with Aaron are Sean Barnes, Developer and Co Founder of X-Src and DJ Cassel, Art Manager at X-Src. Combined with the extensive talent at Rapid Reality, the combined teams will be stretching the limits and the imagination of MMO industry.

Check out the screenshots provided along with the article to see how the porting process is going. More updates to come soon on the porting process, the capabilities of the Aura platform, the MMOLands transition, where Rapid Reality is headed and the first in-game video trailer of The Chronicle on the new platform coming next week.

Latest Aura Graphics Engine specifications:

  • DirectX Support
  • Full Shader Support (High Level and Low Level)
  • Per Pixel Lighting system
  • Compressed Texture Support in video memory and on disk
  • Post Effect Support (Toon Rendering, Night Vision, Reflection)
  • Support for general human movement similar to FPS combat.
  • 4 point collision vehicle support.
  • Hover Vehicle support
  • Jet pack Force
  • Impact force
  • Provides support for millions of collide-able polys in a scene and manages them so they only tale up 3-8% of CPU overhead.
  • New collision-tangent technology allows for a very strong non clipping environment.
  • Also the new collision supports moving platforms and real-time collision on moving entities like doors or collapsible bridges.
  • The client can parse data dynamic content from the web or web sites and use it as dynamic content in game, no patches necessary for these kinds of ever-changing art assets in game.
  • 3d Sound Effects
  • Live web streaming music support WMA
  • Velocity based sound modifiers for vehicles and jetpacks etc
The X-Src Corporation is a technological company based out of Orlando, Florida. They specialize in Game Engine technologies as well as internet software. MMOLands is the game portal for X-Src games.

Rapid Reality, LLC is a technology company specializing in online video game development based out of Marietta, GA. MMOCenter is a subscription based game portal for all Rapid Reality games.


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